[1.7.10] Harry Potter Spells Mod Download

Harry Potter Spells Mod  adds over 40 spells and voice recognition for them. There are wands, broomsticks, custom GUIs and more. You can speak or type in your spells and duel other players with several offensive, defensive, and other spells!


Accio:  Summons all the items around you to your inventory
Aguamenti:  Summons water or extinguishes things that are on fire
Alarte Ascendare:  Lifts mobs high up into the air
Alohomora:  Opens doors
Anapneo:  Replenishes your breath underwater
Apparate:  Teleports you to wherever you are looking at
Ascendio:  Lifts you slowly up into the air, cast again to stop
Avada Kedavra:  Kills your target
Avifors:  Turns things into birds
Avis:  Summons a bird
Bombarda:  Creates an explosion
Confringo:  Creates a fiery explosion
Crucio:  Harms your target immensely without killing them
Defodio:  Mines blocks
Depulso:  Drops your inventory on the ground
Diffindo:  Cuts your target’s armor off
Duro:  Turns blocks into stone
Episkey:  Heals injuries
Expecto Patronum:  Summons a patronus (Each player has a unique patronus)
Expelliarmus:  Disarms your target
Expulso:  Sends mobs flying away
Fera Verto:  Turns your target into a glass bottle
Finite Incantatem:  Dispels all negative effects from you
Flipendo:  Knocks back your target
Fumos:  Summons smoke
Glisseo:  Solidifies liquids
Herbivicus:  Grows plants and grass
Homenum Revelio:  Reveals all players around you
Imperio:  Allows you to see your target’s inventory
Incendio:  Summons fire
Lumos:  Creates a light at the tip of your wand
Lumos Maxima:  Creates a floating light cube
Melofors:  Puts a pumpkin on your target’s head
Multicolorfors:  Randomly colors your leather armor (If you are wearing it)
Nox:  Extinguishes Lumos
Obliviate:  Temporarily makes your target not attack anyone
Obscuro:  Blinds your target
Orchideous:  Summons flowers
Petrificus Totalus:  Immobilizes your target
Portus:  Creates a portkey, with the coordinates you enter, that will teleport you between your destination and its original position
Protego:  Temporarily gives you a shield that protects from almost any spell
Refulgens:  Summons a randomized firework
Stupefy:  Knocks back and harms your target
Wingardium Leviosa:  Moves your target in front of you and lets you control it until cast again


Getting Started:
When you first spawn, you get a wand. Press X to open the spell menu. Type in the first few letters of your desired spell and click the spell in the list below. Press C to activate speaking. Once the microphone appears, say the spell you want to cast. Press Z to cast your current spell, which is displayed in the bottom left corner.

Press H to view a spell tree. Here you can learn new spells and increase your knowledge of the spells you know. Just click on a spell to learn it. All spells cost 10 experience levels to learn. Knowledge determines how consistently you can cast a spell. If you do not succeed in casting a spell, “Fizzle” will show up in chat. As you level up your knowledge, your chances of fizzling decrease. The maximum level of knowledge (At which you will never fizzle) is 2 knowledge levels for simple spells and 3 knowledge levels for complicated spells (The spells with the spiked corners and yellow names).

The Dark Arts require that you craft a Dark Book. To learn a Dark Arts curse, you must have a Dark Book in your inventory and the normal amount of XP levels. To cast Dark Arts curses, you must have a Dark Heart, which is acquired by killing creepers. Dark Wards can be placed to prevent the casting of any Dark Arts curses within 8 blocks of it.

Skill levels affected many spells’ abilities. You gain one skill point for a spell when you cast that spell. When you have 35 skill points, you will level up your skill for that spell. The maximum skill level is 6. Many spells do more damage or knock back or are more effective at higher skill levels. You can see your skill for the selected spell in the tooltip of your wand.

Crafting Recipes:

Dark Arts Book

Wand (in case you lose the one that you get when you spawn):

Minecraft Forge
How to install Harry Potter Spells Mod:

Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge .
Locate the minecraft application folder.

On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.

Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

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