HardCore Mobs Addon

This addon makes some of the hostile mobs almost indestructible and incredibly difficult to kill. It’s mainly the fact that they are much faster which turns everything into a greater challenge, but if that wasn’t enough they also have much more powerful attacks. For example, most of the mobs cause twice as much damage.
Creator: ZachMC
Which mobs have been changed?
The creeper is probably the most dangerous mob seeing as it is super fast and causes a huge fire explosion. The only way that you might survive is if you’re equipped with some armor, but even then the odds are quite low that you’ll survive.

Here is a full list of changes for mobs in-game. You’ll notice that some of the changes are also for 1.1 mobs but if you are on an earlier MCPE version, don’t worry, you can still use this pack.

Vindicator: Twice as much health and same goes for attack damage. It is also very fast.
Husk: Inflicts poisonous damage. Twice as much health and attack damage. Also much faster.
Creeper: Increased explosion power, also causes fire. It’s very fast and has double health.
Evoker: Summons Vindicators instead of Vex. It has double health.
Zombie: Twice as much health and attack damage.
Skeleton: Very fast, double health and attack damage.
Witch: Twice as much health and attack damage.
Slime & Magmacube: Twice as much health and attack damage (babies excluded).


Download Behavior .McPack
Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a  .ZIP  file for this pack here.

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