[1.7.10] Water Power Mod Download

Water Power Mod  adds many watermills an turbines (support EU, RF, Steam, Charge and Water), reservoirs, trousers, machines, materials.

Introduction :

Water mills can generate RF, EU, Steam & Water, need a rotor, should be immersed in water, the information in GUI will help you.
If the checking range is too large, a range updater is needed, put it into the 4 slots on the right of GUI.
The rotor will be rendered on the side(depends on the orientation of the water mill) of water mills.
The size of the rotor depends on the checking range.

A 5x5x4 iron hollow revervoir(just like a bucket) and capacity is 3x3x3.
Supported BC pipes.

Turbines can output RF, EU, Steam & Water, must next to a valid reservoir block(the capacity is not zero), need a rotor to work, craft a rotor and put it in the GUI.

Vanadium(manganese, monazite, magnet) ore will be generated in y coord 16~32.

Zinc ore will be generated in y coord in 6~64.
You can modify the ore generations in the configuration.

When you wear the water mill trousers and you are in water, the trousers will charge the IC2 tools and batteries in your inventory, the speed depends on the MK.

Water-powered machines must next to a valid reservoir block to receive energy.
All the machines, watermills and turbines can be broke and rotated by the IC2 wrench and by the BC wrench.
They are just for early surviving, supported TE, IC2, Factorization.
Supported Mod:

Industrial Craft 2 (Recipes, Energy: HU/HU/KU, Wrench)
Factorization (Energy: Charge)
BuildCraft (Recipes, Wrench)
CoFHCore (Energy: RF)
ThermalExpansion (Recipes)
Not Enough Items
GregTech (Recipes)
Mekanism (Recipes, Energy: Joule)
MineTweaker (Recipes)
Applied Energistics(Recipes: Grinder, Wrench)
Ender IO(Recipes: Alloy Smelter)
Thaumcraft (Recipes)
Railcraft (Recipes: Blast Furnace, Energy: Steam)
Immersive Engineering (Recipes: Blast Furnace)
Ex Nihilo (Recipes)

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