[1.9.4] Too Many Chickens Mod Download

Too Many Chickens Mod adds more than 49 unique chickens to your game, and these chickens will lay specific resources for you!


Ore and other material laying chickens.
Liquid and experience chickens to improve your game.
100% survival friendly crafting.
Unique chickens that will spawn on special condition.

How to get started:
1. Go on adventure into any forest,taiga or plains biomes!
2. Find white chicken and lead it to your house.

3. Get your first egg and then just hatch and breed them until you will get nessesary amount.
4. Craft any chicken you wan’t just by placing white egg in the middle and making a chest pattern around it.
Be aware that there are some chickens that can’t be crafted , so be aware that you will need to meet certain condition to get them.
These chickens are:

Cobblestone Chicken – can be layed by Stone Chicken.
Andesite Chicken – can be layed by Stone Chicken.
Diorite Chicken – can be layed by Stone Chicken.
Granite Chicken – can be layed by Stone Chicken.
Obsidian Chicken – will spawn on certain condition that will be meet when you throw a Water Chicken in to lava.
Glass Chicken – Throw Sand Chicken into fire or lava and it will transform it into Glass Chicken.
Nether Brick Chicken – Throw Netherrack Chicken into fire or lava and it will transform it into Nether Brick Chicken.
Brick Chicken – Throw Clay Chicken into fire or lava and it will transform it into Brick Chicken.
Charcoal Chicken – Throw Oak Chicken into fire or lava and it will transform it into Charcoal Chicken.
Easter Chicken – Find out by your self

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