[1.9.4] Extra Gear Mod Download

Extra Gear Mod adds gear such as Flame Tools, Earth Tools, Emerald Tools, and Obsidian Tools (theres more!).


Flame Tools: Adds Fire Aspect with highest dmg.
Aqua Tools: Slowness I + Mining Fatigue I for 5 Debuff for 5 sec on hit.
Earth Tools: Resistance I for 3 sec on hit
Wind Tools: Speed III for 1 sec on Hit
Emerald Tools: Iron-Diamond (Easy to get from Villagers) tier.
Obsidian Tools: Iron (Obsidian is more common than Diamonds) tier.


Flame Armor= Fire Res, Medium Defense, Strength I with Flame Sword Equipped
Aqua Armor= Water Breathing, Medium Defense, Speed I, Jump Boost I
Earth Armor= High Defense, No Abilities
Wind Armor= Haste I (Works with Tools), Lowest Defense
Emerald= Diamond Tier
Obsidian= Iron Tier

Special Items:

Flame Scythe- No cooldown on attack, Attack Dmg of 7, Fire Aspect
Earth Apple- Regen III for 30 sec, Absorption V for 3 min, Resistance II for 5 min, Fire Resistance for 5 min

Planned Features:

All upcoming features
Baubles Items
RF Items
In game documentation
Configs (If needed for anything)
Any good ideas you guys suggested

Crafting Recipes:

Minecraft Forge
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