[1.7.10] Hit Range Mod Download

With  Hit Range Mod , this modification visualizes the hit range of players by drawing circles around every player.


You can customize the circles and modify their radius, as well as disable this modification (configuration or by pressing the H key) without uninstalling it.
A circle isn’t drawn if you’re dead, the player is dead, the player is invisible (to you), the player is a spectator (1.8), the player is sleeping, the player is sitting inside a vehicle or if you can’t see the player.
In addition, there’s a configuration option to detect simple NPCs so that no circe is drawn around them. You can also configure if you want to have a circle drawn around all players or only the closest one.

Please note that the hit range visualization might not always be accurate because of ping / latency and other factors.
How does it look like:

Note:  This modification works on every server. Other players don’t need to have this modification installed!
You can configure this modification when you are currently running Minecraft Forge:
Main Menu -> Hit Range Mod -> Config or Game Menu -> Mod Options -> Hit Range Mod -> Config
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