Wall Jump Mod

Do you know the super famous animation call Fall of Titan? If you do then, you must think that the character ability to jump between building and tower are awesome and you wish that you could do that in real life. Now with this Wall Jump Mod that help you to do that in Minecraft.

Do you know that with this WallJump ability that come from Wall Jump Mod, you open yourself to a whole new and bigger world of freedom with the way that you play MineCraft. WIth this mod you no longer need to build ladder to climb hills and building, you will be able to do free running and you no longer have to worry when you fall, all you have to do is time your fall perfectly and perform wall jump.
What you get from Wall Jump Mod is not just the ability to jump between wall, you actually open yourself up to more way that you can play MineCraft. I hope that the creator will continue to work on this mod and add more features. Remember to show your support by liking this page and this website that way we can continue to provide update on what going on in MineCraft world.
Wall Jump Mod Main Features

Added ability to wall jump

Wall Jump Mod Pros and Cons

Wall jump is great with this mod there are new possibility that open up


Require Forge

How to install Wall Jump Mod

Download and Install Forge into your computer and make sure it fully functional
Download   Mod from our download link below
Type %appdata% into run engine and find .minecraft folder which is found in roaming
Find Mods Folder found in .minecraft folder
Copy and Paste this mod into the mod folder
Done! Happy Gaming Fellow Minecrafter

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