Uganda Knux Quest Add-on

Ugandan Knuckles is a meme ( and for anyone who is interested here is a lengthy article about it ). In short, Ugandan Knuckles is a meme based on a character by the name of Knuckles in the Sonic games franchise. This add-on will implement this same character in your Minecraft world (by replacing the Witch). And you can even tame him and have him fight for you.
Creator:  JosethDrops ,  Twitter Account
How does it work?
You can tame them by feeding them any of the following items: Sticks, Mushroom Stew, Wheat Seeds, Bones and Sugar. It might take several tries before you successfully tame one. It will only work on babies (also known as small ones).

Tamed Ugandan Knuckles will fight all kinds of hostile mobs. It does require that the hostile mob first attack you (or you them) before it will start defend you though.

General Uganda Features



Adult: 10 hearts
Attack Damage: 1 – 3
Neutral (only hostile if you attack him)


Tameable with Sticks, Mushroom Stew, Wheat Seeds, Bones and Sugar
Health: 10 hearts (only mob size varies)
Attack Damage: 1 – 3


Health: 12.5 hearts
Attack Damage: 2 – 4 (attacks monsters)
Heable with any of the following items: Sticks, Mushroom Stew, Wheat Seeds, Bones, Sugar


Download Resources & Behavior .McAddon
Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a  .ZIP  file for this addon here.

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