Download Minecraft: World Editor (Mcedit: Minecraft World Editor) 1.7.3ch

This is a universal MINECRAFT card editor designed to move blocks from one place to another. With its help, you can open levels of almost any type and fly along them in 3D mode with several levels of detail settings! Choose millions of blocks and clone them elsewhere in the level. Fill in the square discharge with blocks at your choice, or replace one type of block with another. Export blocks to the “scheme” file for further use. Import diagrams or the entire level from any world using CRane. Create and delete any parts of the world. Fill the darkened area with light.

For work, you need a Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable Package (X86) program.


Here is a brief overview of some of the many tools that we have:

– Selection: highlight the area with the mouse diagonally. Click also R03; R03; one to change the scale, length, height. You can remove blocks or export them for the scheme file.
– Brush: click to fill the selected area with blocks. Select the size of the hand, shape and type of block.
– Clone: Copies the dedicated blocks. ERF keys for block transformation.
– Fill: allows you to replace blocks in the selected area.
– Filter: Use one of the standard filters for smoothing the area or changing the upper soil, or create your own R03; R03; your own plugin filter using Python.
– CRANE: Import of a scheme file or a whole level.
– Player: Click to move the character. Click twice to teleport.
– SPAWN: Click to move the character to a spawn point. Not available at an empty level. Click twice to teleport.
– Chunk: creation, removal, and various templates. Deleys everything that is not highlighted.

Your personal schemes are stored in the folder my documents, in a folder with the name “MCEDIT – SCHEMATICS”.These are your working copies, the defaults include standard MCEDIT schemes.Your personal settings for MCEDIT are stored in the Documents folder, in MCEDIT.ini ‘file.

Holding the left mouse button, use the movement buttons (by default: Wasdqz) to move the corresponding object around.Hold Shift to change the distance.

If you have a powerful computer, click Control – F and the drawing range will increase.

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