Cheat inertia 3.1.3 on Minecraft 1.16.4

In Cheat Inertia 3.1.3 There are functions that you cannot meet in other cheats. It has about 120 or more functions in it, quite beautiful design.

Cheat inertia 3.1.3 on Minecraft 1.16.4


The advantage is that it works as a mod, which means that you can combine it with other mods. To open the menu, press the right shift.

Cheat inertia 3.1.3 on Minecraft 1.16.4


There are a lot of cool and cool functions in Cheat. When you go to the network game, there will be such buttons from above: Login, Name, Viaversion and Proxy. NAME is to change the nickname right in the game. And with the help of Viaversion you can change the version without leaving Minecraft.

Cheat inertia 3.1.3 on Minecraft 1.16.4

Death Coords – It will help you find the place where you died, give the coordinates of the place of death. Jesus – allows you to walk on water. Anti Knockback – You will not be able to discard you. Bow Aimbot – Automatically aims on the target, you can configure who exactly to aim. Trident Aim Bot – The trident will aim at the target himself. Click Teleport – You can teleport to where you click, there will be an indicator on the site of the sight where you can teleport to the PKM. Ice Speed – will allow you to move on ice faster. No Slow Down – You will not slow down when you eat or drink potions. Barriers Vision – With the help of this function, all barriers are visible. Charm – Mobs will be seen through the walls.

Cheat inertia 3.1.3 on Minecraft 1.16.4

Damage Particles – displays the amount of damage applied. Tracers – shows the players who are nearby, with the help of rays. Trajectories – shows an arrow flight trajectory. Anti Hunger – less hunger is consumed. Stronghold Finder – Search for the fortress, builds lines at the location of the fortress. Full Bright – Very high brightness. New Chunks – highlights just generated champs. Scaffold – automatically puts blocks under you, this allows you to walk through the air creating ways. WayPoints – You can make tags in the form of lighthouses. In order to put such a mark, write in the chat: .Waypoints Add 213. Peek – shows everything that is in a shakar or inventory.

Inertia 3 disadvantages.1.3:

There were no shortcomings, the cheat is pretty good.

How to install an INERTIA 3 cheat.1.3 on Minecraft 1.16.4:

1. Download and unpack the archive using the Winrar program;
2. If you have an open Minecraft, it must be closed;
3. Download Fabric and unpack it into the Versions folder (as in the instructions below);
4. Click Start, In the search bar, enter %Appdata %/.Minecraft/Mods
5. If you do not have such a folder, then it must be created;
6. Move all the files from the archive to this folder and close all the windows;
7. Enter the Minecraft, select a profile called Fabric 1 in the settings.16.4;
8. Save it and after entering this profile.

Fabric 1.16.4 Smachinginertia – Client – 3.1.3 – 1.16.4 Speak

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