Minecraft Cheats and Codes For All Versions

Minecraft cheats and codes for all versions are the best cheats and codes on Minecraft, which will help you do anything in a single game and on servers.

Minecraft Cheats and Codes For All VersionsMinecraft cheats and codes for all versions

Cheats and codes for Minecraft good solution for those who do not want to install cheats on Minecraft. You will not need to download Killau or Xray, but you will only have to enter the command and you will be a cheater even on the servers.

All cheats and codes for Minecraft:
/Help – reveals a list of available commands
/Gamemode andlt;0/1/2andgt; – Changes the game mode: Survival/Creative/Adventure.
/Time andlt;Set/Addandgt; andlt;timeandgt; – sets the time of day. 0 – Morning, 6000 – noon, 2000 – evening, 18000 – midnight
/XP andlt;numberandgt; – adds experience
/Kill – immediately kills the player
/give andlt;Idandgt; [quantity] [additional value] – gives the specified item/block
/Toggledownfall – turns on or disconnects rain and snow
/Seed – displays the current grain
/tp [player 1] [player 2] – Teleports player 1 to player 2
/public – opens access to the local server and takes the port and the network name of the computer into the chat, on which it is launched
/effect [player’s name] [effect] [level] [level] – imposes an effect on the specified player with arbitrary duration and level – the duration of the default effect, 30 seconds
/enchant [player’s name] [level] [level] – The team allows you to enchant the subject that the player holds in his hands

To use these cheats and codes you need Go to Minecraft, Open the chat on the button And enter the team.

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