Client Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From Aleksre

Client Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From Aleksre

Pak V0 version.8.1


– Spawner Gui Rus (translated GEARS) with this mod, you can now choose which mOB will be sleeping in Spawnir.

– Inventory Tweaks – You have a mess in the inventory? – no problem! With this mod, all things from only one key will become in place.

– Mo’creaturev3.6.2 – snakes, tigers, bears, cats, dolphins, turtles, ..

– Revolver mod – Revolver.

– Modloader Extension V1.1 – This mod makes it possible to turn on and off the mods that are installed on your client

– Timber – Blue the lower tree block, and everything is crumbled, to your legs, in the form of a block of wood.

– Balkon’s Weaponmod V8.6 – a bunch of weapons – for you.

– Goblins – rus (translated GEArs) goblins!!!

– Millenaire – 2.7.4 villages with residents

– WildCaves

– Recipe Book – All craft recipes, now available to you right in the game

– Shelf – Rus (translated GEArs) a mod that adds shelves made of wood, stone, brick and obsidian to the game, on which you can put your things.

– Tale of Kingdoms V1.3.0 – Rus (translation by Aleksresh) starting the game by a simple mercenary, as you pass, you can establish your kingdom.

– Battlegear 2.7.7 – With this mod, you can take a weapon in two hands, or just wear a shield on the second hand, which will give even more protection.

– Ruins – This mod will generate interesting ruins around your world, entering which you can find a chest, with interesting things.

– Battle Towers – a mod adding towers, and not just towers, but huge towers. The higher you get up the better than the cookies =) and at the very top you will be a boss with 200 hp.

– Meteorite rus is walking on the map, you can find a meteorite crater in which there will be a stone from which you can make things stronger and stronger than diamonds.

– Smart Moving 9.1 – You can: run, crawl, swim…

– Matmos – This mod will fill your world with wildlife sounds

Bosscraft – a huge number of bosses by killing which you will receive unique armor and weapons .

– – Optifine 1.2.5 HD C C2 – mod increases performance in the game, increases FPS, improves the quality of textures.

– Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders V08 – improves graphics, adds dynamic shadows.ATTENTION !!!If a weak PC, then lags are possible. (Installed separately)

– Toomanyitems (I turned it off) – any item in a couple of clicks . (If all the same in unbearable, then click Latin O)

– Zombie Dismemberment [v2] when the murder of a zombie, he literally crumbles to pieces

– Exp Chest (V1.7) a chest in which your experience is stored

– Minions with this mod can call em ..their slaves… (Click n to call the menu)

– Craftguide V1.4.4

– HD Player Skins This mod adds the ability to wear SKNI in HD format, such as 128×64/256×128/512×256/1024×768.

– Familiars mod you can call satellites .Which give different bonuses .For example, the ability to breathe underwater

– Rei’s Minimap – this mod, adds to the game – card. Now navigate in the world, it has become much easier.

– More Health RPG 2.3 – with an increase in experience, the number of lives increases.

– Atmos mobs v1.0 – turtles, chameleons, squirrels, pigeons…

– Castle Defense 2.4

– Elemental Creepers V2.3 – Now there are a lot of diverse creepers.

– UNOFFICIL BETER ENCHANTING V1.2.7 – To enchant the subject is now much easier.

– Higher Enchanting

– Custom NPCS V0.eleven.10

– The Great Wall Mod – generates locks .

– Ruins mod – create on the map, different stone ruins with treasures.

– 3D items

– Modloader, Modloadermp, Audiomod, Forgeapi V3.0.1.75, Player API.

Bonus in the game folder has an archive with skins for a high resolution character .

I ask who do not feel sorry for the money, in this way you will raise me an incentive to create the next version.

Yandex Money 410011403913363.

QIWI wallet 9202335963


Client Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From AleksreClient Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From AleksreClient Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From AleksreClient Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From AleksreClient Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From AleksreClient Minecraft 1.2.5 With Mods V0.8.1 From Aleksre

Download client:


I recommend updating Java Version 7 Update 4

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