Minecraft 1.7.2 Fini ed Server Assembly

Hello everyone dear friends, with you Forvater and today I will demonstrate to you Minecraft serverMinecraft 1.7.2 Fini ed Server Assembly


● Damage to blocks from all explosions is disconnected, a lighter and a bucket of lava is blocked.

● Autobstart server for falling.

● only the most necessary plugins! – No overload.

● launch on any OS.

● Almost all plugins are reconfigured.

● Timely updates – always fresh core and plugin.

● Productive nucleus Spigot.

● the core and plugins are Russified.

● included built into the core: Anti X – Ray and Autosave.

● Groupmanager is set to 6 groups: Player, VIP, Supervip, Premium, Moder, Admin.


Authme – Authorization plugin (RUS)

Automessage – Automatic messages (translation is not required)

Chatguard – protection against spam, mat, advertising (RUS)

Clearlag – Optimization of the server (RUS)

Essentials – a set of commands and functions (RUS)

▪ Essentialsspawn – work with sleeping (RUS)

▪ Essentialschat – Chat Plugin (RUS)

▪ EssentialsGroupManager – setting rights for players (RUS)

Lokipost – Protection against pillars and pits (RUS)

Mcjobs – plugin of work (RUS)

NoCheatplus – Protection from the use of cheats (RUS)

Noobprotector – Protection of beginners from PVP (RUS)

CPFIX – correction of Russian symbols (translation is not required)

Vault – API for some plugins (translation is not required)

Protocollib – necessary for some plugins (translation is not required)

Worldborder – Limiting the size of the world (RUS)

Worldedit – editing the world (RUS)

WorldGuard – Protection of territories and peace (RUS)

▪ Clearworld – Cleaning the server from old regions (translation is not required)

▪ WGFIX – automatic installation of flags (translation is not required)


Q: How to add a player to a specific group (VIP, Supervip, Premium, Moder, Admin)?

A: Open the Users file.YML in the plugin folder Groupmanager (Worlds \ World) and add the player to the group according to the model, or enter the Manuadd [group] team in the console].

– – – –

Q: Where can I change/add auto messages in the chat?

O: In the Config file.YML, in the Automessage plugin folder.

– – – –

Q: Where can I change the message when entering the server (/MOTD) and the rules (/rules)?

O: In the Essentials plugin folder, in Motd files.Txt and Rules.TXT.

– – – –

Q: Where can you change prefixes to groups?

A: In the Group file.YML, in the papa of the plugin Groupmanager.

– – – –

Q: Where can you add/change objects of objects (/Kit Starter, VIP, etc.D.)?

O: In the Config file.YML, in the Essentials plugin folder, on 211.

– – – –

Q: How to include damage to blocks from all explosions?

O: Open the Config file.YML in the WorldGuard Plugin folder and replace True with FALSE on all lines having the word Block – Damage.

– – – –

Q: How to reduce or increase the time of auto – preservation on the server?

A: Go to the BUKKIT file.YML, find the Autosave line and replace 36,000 with the number you need in ticks. In a second 20 ticks, 10 minutes is 12,000 ticks. It is not recommended to put less than 10 minutes.

– – – –

Q: How to disable built – in protection against X – Ray (Orebfuscator)?

A: Go to Spigot file.yml, find the 71 line and replace Enable: True with Enable: False.

– – – –

Q: The server is not restarted through the /RESTART command, the autorobart does not work when falling. How to fix it?

A: Rename the Batellite of the server launch on Start.Bat.

– – – –

Q: Is it possible to put mods for this assembly of the server?

A: You can, if you replace the spigot core with MCPC+. Actual Russian. The version can always be taken here.

– – – –

Q: How to disable the check of IP addresses for the availability of spamhaus in the database?

A: Go to Spigot file.yml and replace Prevent – Proxies: True with FALSE.

– – – –

Q: How to allow players to use a lighter and/or bucket of lava?

A: You can allow the lighter by prescribing the command /RG F __Global__ Lighter Allow, or lowering the WorldGuard version to 5.7.4. Lava can be allowed by removing Blacklist from the file.txt (in the Worldguard/Worlds/World folder) is the following:


ignore – gramps = admin

on – use = DENY, TELL

: [1.7.2]

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