Minecraft 1 Server Assembly.5.2 Standard

And so, today I will show you the assembly for your Minecraft 1 server.5.2

Probably each of us had a dream to create your own server in Minecraft.

And now, when this grandiose dream came true, we ask one question…

andquot;Where to get a good assembly for my server?…andquot;

I will answer you this question!

You will find a good assembly for your server here!

With this assembly on your server, there will now have nothing to do to the X – rarings.

Minecraft 1 Server Assembly.5.2 Standard

Let’s take a look at the plugins present in this assembly.

Authme – registration plugin. (Russified!)

ClearChat – plugin for cleaning chat from shit of garbage.

Clearlag – plugin cleansing the world from drop.

Essentials – expanded set of commands, whale starts and commands

/spawn and /setspawn. (Keith Starts are ready!)

LWC – Auto – Support of stoves, chests and doors.

NoCheatplus – Antitors.

Orebfuscator – Anti Xray.

Permissionsex – Rights for players. (Everything is configured!)

Worldedit – admin plugin for editing the world.

WorldGuard – Privat territory.

Download the assembly itself.

Minecraft 1 Server Assembly.5.2 Standard

Well, that’s all, on this my news ends

I hope you like to play on this assembly.

We evaluate, comment, criticize.

(I won’t refuse a plusik in a turnip either)

P.S – do not judge strictly, this is my first news

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