How Do Portals Work in Hell Guide

How Do Portals Work in Hell Guide

And as I see, you are in full. Let’s begin to comprehend these ancient knowledge.

In versions above 1.15 inclusive, can change this mechanics. In the version below, everything works correctly and stably.

Akhtung! A lot of mathematics and theory!


Suppose we have 2 portals in the ordinary (0) world and in hell ( – 1). The portal that in – 1 will lead us to the nearest portal within a radius of 128 blocks from its coordinates, divided into eight. That is, so that he generates a new one, the formula will be this: X/8 – 128 ; Z/8 – 128 . Why don’t I take into account Y? Yes, because he is not particularly important to us, but he Not divided 8. Let’s take the coordinates 64 ~ 80 (1), 20 ~ 30 (2) in 0 and 8 ~ 10 (n1), 2400 ~ 50 (n2). Then, portals 1 and N1 will be connected, the portal 2 will be conducted in N1, and N2 will create a new. Here is a picture if you are confused:

How Do Portals Work in Hell Guide

Thus, we can say that in – 1 (hell), if we pass 1 block, then in 0 (ordinary world) we will pass 8. It follows that if, for example, in hell we will have 10,000 ~ 1000, then in 0 will be 80000 ~ 8000 With an error of ~ 30 blocks. This (error) is due to the fact that the portal may not appear everywhere. For example, he cannot appear in water or in a cave below 3 blocks in Y. It is logical enough (and even a little tragic), if you decide that you can cross the border of the card (30m blocks from the center in each direction, as far as I remember). No, unfortunately it is impossible, but the portal is sprinkled at the border itself, and with the same error.

How Do Portals Work in Hell Guide

Yes, it is difficult enough, but if you take into account 1 thing, then we can say that it is all easy. You just need to put a portal at 0, teleportirrings through it, find the coordinates of x ~ z and divide by 8, and also make a similar one with 2 portal. We will consider the action only with 1 coordinate: x, but do not forget about Z, because the same rules apply to it.

Theory is over, let’s move on to practice.


Let’s do everything that I said at the end of the theory. So we set 1 portal, denoted it red, teleported and designated in the same color and in hell. Similarly done with the blue portal, replacing red wool with blue. The coordinates in hell I found out simply sharing my coordinates from the ordinary world. You entered red, but in the end you came out of blue? That’s right, well done. In practice, as I said, everything is much easier. Here is a gif for those who did not understand:

Thanks for watching the article! I will not mind if you distribute this information, all the same, there are not many people about it and knows*.

P.WITH. Write about errors and shortcomings, as well as unprofitable. Maybe I forgot something.

P.P.WITH. Sorry for the pictures from Paint, I’m still not so good in drawing to draw 4K portal = D

* – in percentage ratio.

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