How To Go To Bed??? Guide Lifehacks For Cards

How To Go To Bed??? Guide Lifehacks For Cards

As you know, in the version of Minecraft 1.14 added the opportunity to lie down with a hatch. Probably 90% of players know about this. But few people know what you can go to go… Shalkerov! For me it was a very strong surprise when I found out about it. And the whole idea will be built on this. We will call on the Shalker, under which we will lie down!

So, for starters, we make our hole. And from this hole we retreat 1 block up and in this block we call the Shalker here such a team:

/summon Minecraft: shulker ~ ~ ~ {invulnerable: 1b, noai: 1b, activeEffects: [{id: 14b, amplifier: 1b, duration: 9999999, showparticles: 0b}], tags: [andquot;1blockandquot;sch}

Instead of ~ ~ ~ you need to specify the coordinates of the block in which you will call the Shalker.

How To Go To Bed??? Guide Lifehacks For Cards

After that, a Shalker with an invisible panzer will be called. And now, if you come close to your hole, you will automatically lie down. Everything works great! You can also make a hole on a hill of 1 block, which after all actions will allow andquot;jumpandquot; In the hole.

If you can break the blocks on your map, and you do not want someone to find a Shalker, then I recommend that you do the following:

In the Blue Command Bloc, register the team:

/execute as @e [tag = 1block] at @s if black ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ – 257 ~

Thus, if you break the block in which the Shalker is located, then the Shalker will be automatically teleported to the hip where it will die.

How To Go To Bed??? Guide Lifehacks For Cards

That’s all! Now you have added a very cool crawling mechanics to your card! Players will clearly be very surprised!

Yes, as you understand, in Minecraft 1.14 there was an opportunity to lie down under the Shalker. This is very cool, which allows us to realize our idea with the new crawling mechanics. Exactly the same mechanics are used in one of the best horror Cards Find Me. If you are active under this news, then I will try to make a datapack for survival, which will allow you without unnecessary teams and hatches to go to bed! But with you was 31Sasha31, until new meetings!

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