How To Make Minecraft Blocks With Effects Guide

The effects themselves work only if you stand on the blocks, and the effects can be completely different. The main thing is to make a filklock, here is the guide from me:

How to make a filklock

So, let’s start and finish the command. At the place where the redstone block appears and disappears and we put the command unit and write:

[h2]/execute @p ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ – 0.1 ~ [block of the block] [type of block (affects the color of wool, clay, etc.D.,If not, then you go 0) effect @p [ID effect] [action time] [Effect level]

Then we test: I took the burned clay of black color, and the effect of blindness for 3 seconds of the first level.

How To Make Minecraft Blocks With Effects Guide

As you can see, everything works. But why is the effect given for two seconds, and not three? I don’t know myself, just put 1 second more time, and everything will be as you wanted.

I hope this guide was useful for you.

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