Minecraft Tutorial: another Teleport Team

Minecraft Tutorial: another Teleport Team

Let `s start

For example, we make an elevator, go into it by clicking on the button and teleporting us as if we had brought us an elevator, but only to one point. And with this command tp @p ~ x ~ y ~ z ,We will teleport not to one point, but to the distance from the point to the other, which you will indicate

Eg tp @p ~ 10 ~ 0 ~ 0, we will teleport to a distance of 10x, also with andquot;yandquot; And andquot;zandquot;

With this command, you can simulate different actions, for example, opening a large gate or moving over time (this is typical for passing cards). You saw the same teleportation on the Zombie Apocalypse map

My video gayd

P.S. I apologize for the microphone

OK it’s all over Now! I hope I helped you!

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