Minecraft Tutorial: Team /Gamerule, All of Its Subcommands

Minecraft Tutorial: Team /Gamerule, All of Its Subcommands

Team syntax:

/Gamerule [True | false]

Text in ‘‘must be written for sure. Instead, you need to place the game rule without brackets, the list of game rules is described below.

[True | false]‘, instead you need to place it True or False. True  – This is true, False  – lie. You need to write without brackets.

Game rules:

At the time of release 1.9.4 exists 18 game rules.

CommandblockoutPut – Waiting for admins in the command unit (by default True)

DISABLELYTRAMOVEMENTCHECK – Should the server skip the speed of players with worn overwings (it is not recommended to change) (it only works on servers) (by default) False)

Dodaylichtcycle – should the cycle of the day/night change its process (time also does not change during sleep in bed) (by default True)

DOENTYDROps – should creatures who are not mobs drop items (such as falling sand) (by default True)

Dofiretick – Should the fire extinguish the wind or switch to other combustible blocks (by default True)

Domobloot – Should mobs drop items (by default True)

DPMOBSPAWING – Should mobs naturally sleep (by default True)

Dotiledrops – drop objects after the destruction of blocks (by default True)

Keepinventory – Should the inventory be preserved after the death of the player (by default False)

LogadmincMmands – recording of the administrator commands in the server log (works only in multiplayer) (default True)

MobGriefing – Should he cryers, zombies, enders, gasters, drainers, ender dragons, sheep, rabbits and village residents have the right to change blocks and should rustic residents, zombies, skeletons and zombies – svinoludi lift the objects (by default True)

NATURALREGENERATION – Should the player naturally regenerate his health if his satiety is almost full (there is no effect on additional regeneration, such as gold apples, the effect of regeneration, etc. P.) (default True)

RANDOMTickSpeed – how often a random gaming tick should occur (such as plant growth, falling out of foliage, etc. P.) for each game cup every game tick. Value 0 turns off random tics, large values increase the time between random tics (by default 3)

Reduceddebuginfo – It is unknown, but it is better not to turn on (by default False)

SendcommandFeedback – whether to display information into the chat with the successful execution of the team in the chat (by default True)

Showdeathmessages – should the corresponding message appear after death (by default True

Spectatorsgeneratechunks – Should players in observation mode (/Gamemode 3) generate new chambers (by default True)

If only the rule is introduced, its value set at the moment is displayed in the chat.

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