Minecraft Technic Launcher

Technic Launcher – launcher for Minecraft – was created for those who like to play Minecraft with mods. After all, this launcher was created so that you could easily install assemblies directly through it. A small team of programmers worked on this. And they have succeeded.

Minecraft Technic LauncherMinecraft Technic Launcher

Building in Technic Launcher – launcher for Minecraft:

Attack of the B – Team – This Modpack was developed with one main goal, crazy crazy science! With the help of B – team, the developers took the coolest mods that were able to find and launched them all in the fashion package for you, guys. The result is an attack b – team! Here’s what is included:

  • Advanced Genetics by Obsilp
  • Archimedes ships by Balkondeur Alpha
  • Artifice by Shukaro
  • Carpenter’s Blocks by Mineshopper
  • Chisel by Automatic_Miden, Darwin by Mancoou
  • Dragon Mounts by Barracudaata
  • Enhanced Portals 2 by Alz454
  • Flan’s Mod W/Parts Pack/Modern Warfare/Titan Pack by Jamioflan
  • Food Plus by Josethecrafter
  • Fossils and Archaeology: Re – ported by Team July/Ported by Cannibalvox
  • Galacticraft by Micdoodle8
  • Hamsterrific by Razzleberry Fox
  • Hamsters Forever by Cannibalvox
  • Hats by Ichun, Liquid Xp by Immibis
  • Map Writer by Davey Liam
  • Minecraft minions by Atomicstryker
  • MineFactory Reloaded by Skyboy
  • Morph by Ichun
  • Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture mod by mr. Crayfish
  • Natura by Mdiyo
  • Not enunch items by chicken bones
  • Nei Plugins by Mistaqur
  • Open Blocks by Mikeemoo
  • Project Red: by Mr. TJP and Chicken Bones
  • Qcraft by Dan200
  • Random Things by Lumien
  • SaintSpack (Dubstep Gun) by Thieves
  • Secret Rooms by Abrarceed
  • Statues by automatic_miden
  • Sync by Ichun
  • The Necromancy Mod by Sirolf2009/Ported by Cannibalvox
  • Thermal Expansion by King Lemming
  • Tinkers Construct by Mdiyo
  • Trailmix by Ichun
  • Tropicraft by the tropicraft Team
  • Waila by Prof Mobius
  • Waypoints by automatic_miden
  • Witchery by Emoniph
  • World of Dinos by Cannibalvox

BlightFall – This is a combination of modpaks and adventure cards about survival on a foreign planet. He uses magical and technical mods to create a new gameplay. Can you survive in a world completely covered with Thaumcraft?


– A map made using Terrain Control in size 3.75 square kilometers.
– dozens of new ores at 8 yield levels. Each bioma has its own ores.
– more than 200 quests in the quests book.
– customizable structures in search sites around the world.
– User mods specific for this Modpack, adding new ways to combat Tain.
– New books in the style of TIC, which explains work with new metals, with advanced information about armor.

Hexxit – This is a new Minecraft mod collection, which give the most adventures in the style of old Dungeons and Dragons. The study is interesting, there are more danger, and the feeling of satisfaction from cleaning the dungeon is intense. Modpak is full of quality content from some very talented people.

Tekkit Legends – possess a philosophical stone, roll on the rails, bred bees and much, much more!

Vanilla – The easiest Minecraft without any additions to it.

Description Technic Launcher – launcher for Minecraft: 
  1. Convenient installation of assemblies with mods without leaving launcher.
  2. Very beautiful appearance made in retro style.
  3. Light installation of launcher in just a couple of clicks.
  4. Access to the launcher only if there is a license. Yes, it’s sad, but it is worth buying it. After all, now you can get an account for mere pennies.
How to install Technic Launcher – launcher for Minecraft:
  1. Download launcher installer – download
  2. Run the launcher installer. After the loading of the installer is finished, just start it. There are no viruses in the installer and launcher!
  3. After installing the launcher, you will have a window where you can indicate the nickname, select the Minecraft version.
  4. As soon as your version is completely loaded, you can press the “Play” button. All!

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