Pirate Launcher Ftb

Pirate Launcher FtbPirate Launcher Ftb

In full! let’s consider.

Pirate Launcher Ftb

This is the program the same launcher FTB. But as we know – FTP does not support the pirate. So. One person made his andquot;Type of crackandquot; For FTB. To start it, there is no need to change anything, but just start a jar file. By the way. There can be any nickname. Even andquot;Cinectandquot;. The password must also be entered – but that is the joke that any password will be correct. What is FTB? – They will ask Nubes. This is a cool launcher in which there are textures, cards, and there is also the most important thing there is modpaks.

Pirate Launcher Ftb

It is so.. I forget… But there is not much..Enter any nickname/password at firstPirate Launcher Ftb

As you can see. Everything works fine: Pirate Launcher Ftb

Here is the console screen: Pirate Launcher Ftb

And just a screen. Pirate Launcher FtbPirate Launcher Ftb

Swear the file.

Run it (we must create a folder for it!!)


Pirate Launcher Ftb From the site server



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