Minecraft Map: 1.8 Iphone 6 in Minecraft

Minecraft Map: 1.8 Iphone 6 in Minecraft

So, you’re in full news, now I will try to tell the functions of this iPhone.


This application will allow you to draw. You just choose color, fly up to the screen and the sides of the wool appear behind you.

Flappy Bird

This is a well – known game andquot;Flappy Birdandquot; And in this iPhone it is present. You turn on the application and click on the button in the chat to jump.

Change wallpaper

This application will change the wallpaper of your desktop, and it does nothing else.


In this application you can write, though there are few letters.


The function showing time and allowing it to change (not in the world, but in the iPhone), so she also shows the day now or night.


The application that makes it possible to change the password of the iPhone.


Minecraft Map: 1.8 Iphone 6 in Minecraft




Well, that’s it, evaluate the news.

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