Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Brief information about Dark Souls

A little about the game:

Dark Souls (Yap. ダークソウル Yes: ku soura?, Rus. Dark souls) andmdash; Computer game in the Action/RPG genre with the open world, developed and published by the Japanese company From Software for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. On the international market, the game was published by Namco Bandai Games. Dark Souls, originally known under the working name Project Dark, is the ideological heir to Demon and#39; S Souls. The release of the game took place on September 22, 2011 in Japan, October 4 in North America, October 6 in Australia and October 7 in Europe.

The game is known for its high complexity, which aroused great interest in it and gave rise to many discussions.[3] PC version, expanded compared to console and named Prepare to Die Edition, was released on August 24, 2012. DLC with new content was announced in October 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

A little about gameplay

The basis of gameplay is the study of the game world in conditions of almost constant danger. Overcoming various difficulties and solving puzzles, the player finds various things and awards and gets the opportunity to move on, but failures and death are punishable by various fines. Dark Souls takes place in a large open world, where a player can travel between already open locations, gradually finding ways to new. Bonfires scattered around the world serve as a vacation spot and act as checkpoints. Although you can persist in the game absolutely anywhere (being outside the battle), bonfires are few andquot;Safe islandsandquot; in Game. Rest next to them leads to the repeated appearance of all enemies (except for bosses), but also replenishes the flask with an estus (local first – aid kit), recharge witchcraft (sorcery, different combat magic), miracles (Miracle, healing magic) and Pyromancy, separate sectionCombat magic based on fire). The player can be both in the form of a person and in the form of undead, and death in human form leads to the transition to the form of undead.

Information about the map


Actions take place in the same place as in the game Dark Souls.Events and their significance are often implied, and not explained and shown directly, and the player has to interpret and specify what is happening.T.E as such a plot is not, basically it is a hardcore card designed for Kramsilovo mobs.At the same time, we partially changed the plot of the game and moved away from the original.Actually, only the history of the world and the first location remained from the original, then there is already a fictional plot, based on events from the original.

Now an explanation:

Actually, why exactly Dark Souls? In general, we took from it only the first location and the hardcore itself, which I and my assistant really liked.The system of battles with bosses, the rules of the game, death and the revival of the character, we tried to implement all this in our map, it turned out to be a way.The design of the world Dark Souls and his LINEAR The plot gives great opportunities in terms of plot change.Of course, all this is not done ideally, but there is something to see and what to play.Actually, the card is designed for a small audience of people who love to stagger mobs for a very long time, like bosses.

Card arches

There are 5 locations in the map:

The fortress of undead

Camp camp


Village andquot;griefandquot;

Hell arena

Actions in each location are divided into arches, t.e, the transition between some locations is carried out by teleport.

Here you can turn on the transition from the fortress of undead to the camp and from the village andquot;griefandquot; on andquot;Hellish arenaandquot;, The rest of the transitions between locations are carried out on foot.

In each location, certain parts of the armor and weapons are hidden.In some locations, 2 heroic clothes lie.

The actions of the map are linear, t.e, if you follow the plot, then only 1 kV ends on it and it ends in the second arch (in the camp), and then there is a comprehension of the essence of the plot by the character without quests, but by dialogues with some people.


Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Minecraft Map: Dark Souls: Minecraft Edition – Based

Client installation

1.Download the archive with the client and card

2.Drive the archive, you should get a folder .Minecraft – Snaps, the game files should lie in this folder.

3.Throw this folder to the disk C: \

4.Trick Launcher

5.Enter your nickname

6.On top, in the launcher, there is a button CHANGE, Click her

7.In the text field andquot;Executable fileandquot; Indicate the path to the folder where you have Java

8.Indicate the amount of RAM used.


10.Walya, if Java Could Not Writes Machine, look for a way to solve the problem on the internet (many ways)

Settings of the game

1.Put the brightness at least

2.Music must be 100%

3.Sounds 100%

4.The field of vision is non – marine.

5.Textures/shaders, it is advisable to use if you have good iron.

6.The difficulty is worldwide

7.At the beginning of the game, in TMI, set the adventure mode!

This is not the transfer of the original Dark Souls plot, but only a small part! I ask you to pay attention to the fact that this is just an attempt to make a map of the hardcore, like the game.Errors are also possible if you find them, let me know, I will be grateful.

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