One Chest Survival 1.17.1 – Minecraft Maps

One Chest Survival 1.17.1 – Minecraft Maps

An unusual variation of the Skyblock of the map, where your only source of resources is a chest that will be filled with random items, blocks and resources. So that the chest is filled again with things, you need to pick up all the old ones. The most effective way is the destruction of the chest, then a new one will appear with other random objects inside. Thus, the success of survival will be curtained from your perseverance and good luck.

How to install One Chest Survival?

  1. Download the archive and unpack the place convenient for you
  2. Press Win+R
  3. In the window that appears, write %Appdata %
  4. Go to .Minecraft/Saves
  5. Drain the folder with a card in Saves

Download the One Chest Survival card

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