Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

Schematics mod – we save and create ready – made designs (buildings) in Minecraft

The mod will add two items to the game – an empty schematic and a table of the archeatect. With their help, it will be possible to create and save ready – made buildings, this will greatly simplify the game, you can now download ready – made schematics from the Internet and use them in your world, as well as share your cool buildings. The mod is easy to use.


The main part of the fashion, using this thing, can convert the schemes into the buildings using the archeatect table. You can also create your own schemes, you just need to press the right button and choose corners to scan the building, and then save.

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

Archeatect’s Desk

The archeatect’s table will allow you to adjust the schematic into the building, as well as preserve the schematics you created in the Minecraft folder for further use outside the game. It will also be possible to see the price of building a building in gold bullion.

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

The table of the archeatectSchematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

As soon as you put the table, it will be empty. An empty schematic can be put in the left lower slot filled in the lower right, and gold should be placed in the upper left. The inventory will be inaccessible, so all things must be kept in a hotbar.

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

What does the building of the building from the schematic look likeWe take a filled schematic, put anywhere

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

The structure that a schematic can build immediately will come up immediately

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

Click with the right button and ready – he will ask to build or not

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2[/url]

What the chosen zone looks like:

Schematics – Work With Schematics 1.12.2

It can be continued in the future in an empty schematic

How to install a Schematics mod

Install the FORDH for Minecraft.

Download the mod and place the file at: C: \ Users \ Your user PC \ Appdata \ Roaming \.Minecraft \ Mods

Open the launcher Minecraft and select in the profile version of Minecraft with Fordzh.

Download Schematics mod

1.12 \ 1.12.1 \ 1.12.2 – Schematics – [98,14 kb]

1.12.2 – Schematics – [124.59 kb]

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