Smart Moving 1.8.9 1.7.10 1.6.4 – Minecraft Mods

Smart Moving 1.8.9 1.7.10 1.6.4 – Minecraft Mods

Smart Moving Mod will allow the player to move much more realistic thanks to new functions and new animation: diving into the water acceleration, climbing the stairs and a lot of others. And intuitive management will allow you to quickly and effectively use all the presented opportunities in various situations. Smart Moving works on almost any servers, this is another bold plus in favor of this modification. You can download Smart Moving for Minecraft by links below.

Management Smart Moving

  • Left Control – Capture
  • Tab – Acceleration

These keys, other parameters can be configured in the file .Minecraft/SmartMovingOPTIONS.txt or right in the game settings game.


Change the mode – F9. If the mode does not change, then change the key in the settings

  • Easy (Easy) – there is no strip with energy, but you can crawl/slide and t. D.
  • Medium (Medium) – there is a strip with energy, and all types of movements are also available. Sleeper spent more fast
  • Complex (Hard) – For lovers of hardcore, even when walking, satiety is consumed (enough 1:20 min), when running is enough for only 30 – 40 seconds.
  • Disabled (Disabled) – The mod is completely disconnected and does not affect the game Minecraft

Smart Moving Mod Guide

  • Clutching the acceleration key, you will run a little faster
  • You can climb to ledges up to 4 blocks high
  • 1 Block – Pick up the Tab key
  • 2 blocks – clamp the “TAB” key (slower)
  • 3 blocks – jump and press the Tab key
  • 4 blocks – jump into 2 blocks (cm. Below) and press the Tab key
  • You can crawl and crawl 1×1 holes (one block), as well as combine crawling with a carcass (“Shift” + “Tab”)
    • Squeeze “TAB” + “Left Control” and at the last moment, in front of the 1×1 hole, click “Shift”, so you will make a tackle and slip through the hole
    • You can climb on a single fence, which is placed as a pillar.
      • To do this, go to the pillar and click “TAB”, and then click “W”
      • In the same way you can climb on an iron grill.
      • You can dive into the water from the run.
        • To do this, you need to scatter and squeeze “Tab” + “gap” (jump), when the scale of the blue arrows will be filled, release the gap.
        • Flight in creativity, climbing stairs and vines, falling and swimming are more realistic.
          • You can’t climb the stairs with your back, but you can grab the stairs hanging 1 block above the ground without using the jump, and in the water you can swim through a 1×1 hole.
          • Can be bounced on 2 blocks.
            • To do this, hold “Shift” + “gap” when the scale of the blue arrow will be filled, let go of the jump.
            • You can jump back/to the side.
              • To do this, you just need to press the “A” / “S” / “D” key twice twice.
              • In creative mode, you can adjust the speed of the player’s key “I” and “O”.
              • It is possible to jump the head forward (“fish”). To do this, click fast run (2 times “w”) + “Tab” + “Shsp”. When you let go of the “gap” the character will jump a fish.
              • Jumping on the walls: you need to run to the wall and quickly press the “gap” 2 – 3 times and squeeze (!) He, before the character begins to fall … While we hold the “gap” the character jumps between the walls gradually rising.
              • How to install Smart Moving?

                1. Install Minecraft Forge
                2. Install the Player API
                3. Install the RenderPlayer API (not necessary)
                4. Press Win+R (Win button is between Ctrl and Alt)
                5. In the window that appears, write %Appdata %
                6. Go to .Minecraft/mods (if there are no “Mods” folders, then create)
                7. Download the archive and unpack in any place convenient for you
                8. Drag the mod (.zip/.jar) in the Mods folder

                Download Smart Moving

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