Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2

Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2

Maud Super TNT Mod – It will add 56 new types of dynamite to the game, some of them are simply monstrous power that will literally blow up your entire map.

In addition to powerful dynamites, there are several funny or useful, dynamite for ore mining, to create some structures, to change the bioma in post – apocalyptic wasteland, cluster TNT and much more.

Description of dynamites:

  • Large TNT – about 5 times more powerful than usual dynamite
  • Massive TNT – about 200 times more powerful than usual dynamite
  • The Super TNT Of Mass Destruction – about 5,000 times more powerful than the usual TNT
  • Doom tnt: The Gold Platonium Allloy Coated Eight Volume Nuclear Donkey Edition – about 15,000 – 25,000 times more powerful than usual dynamite
  • The end tnt – The One to Rule Them All – A very big crater will work
  • Black Hole TNT – This explosion will make a square crater of 1000 per 1000 blocks
  • Anti – Dimensional Singularity TNT – Create a crater of 5000 for 5000 blocks
  • BUT – The most powerful dynamite, 10,000 for 10,000 blocks
  • The Biome Buster – Turns your biom into a post – apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Cluster TNT – creates hundreds of dynamites everywhere.
  • Super Cluster TNT – creates hundreds of dynamites, some can be cluster that are already created thousands and tens of thousands of dynamites around..
  • Heck TNT – turns the district into hell.
  • Fire TNT – Pouring everything with fire
  • Snow TNT – Snow starts to go everywhere, freezes water
  • Ocean TNT – Creates the ocean
  • Sponge TNT – can absorb a large amount of water, should be in water.
  • Lava Ocean TNT – Makes the ocean of lava
  • Diamond TNT – Huge diamond explosion
  • Diamond Nuke TNT – even greater diamond explosion
  • House TNT – Creates a house
  • Bunker TNT – Creates an obsidian bunker
  • Mob TNT – Creates a random mob
  • Mob Swarm TNT – creates 700 – 800 random mobs
  • Atomic Mob Swarm TNT – creates ~ 1500 random mobs
  • Anti Mob TNT – kills mobs, but does not destroy the area
  • Arrow TNT – shoots arrows in different directions
  • Tree TNT – Creates a tree
  • Forest TNT – Creates a forest 100 by 100
  • Tiny Island TNT – Creates a small island
  • Island TNT – Copes the Earth around and creates it at an altitude of 30 – 50 blocks in Odokh
  • Nostalgia tnt – will make you feel nostalgia
  • EVERYTHING TNT – Sleeps in the game all kinds of random things everywhere and random, dangerous
  • LGBTQIP2SAA TNT – Makes everything rainbow
  • Trump TNT – builds a wall and forces the inhabitants of the village to pay for it
  • Kim Jong TNT – insults North Korea and begins the 3rd world war
  • Is it Christmas tnt – tells you Christmas or not
  • CRAPPY TNT – A little shit…
  • REALLY CRAPPY TNT – Really shitty TNT.
  • Cheesy TNT – turns everything into cheese and begins to play a song about cheese
  • Flat tnt – Envals everything around
  • Mining TNT – Place in the cave to create a flat cave with torches.
  • RAKE TNT – Makes arable land in a large area
  • Time TNT – Changes the time of the day
  • Weather TNT – switches the weather from clear to rainy and back
  • Lightning TNT – creates many lightning blows
  • Crack TNT – creates a huge canyon to the thigh
  • Weed TNT – will spawn a bunch of weeds and other vegetation .
  • Fact TNT – tells you an interesting fact, but the facts may not be 100% true
  • Cave TNT – Makes the cave
  • Save TNT – Saves your game
  • Wave TNT Creates a wave of tsunami
  • Airborne TNT – a lot of grass and leaves
  • Jail TNT – creates a prison, and then teleports everyone there and the player
  • TelePortation TNT – teleports all the entities and the player to the place of the dynamite explosion
  • Warp TNT – teleports each player and mob to a random point on the map
  • Atomic Diamond TNT – creates an explosion of diamond blocks
  • Atomic Lava Nuke TNT – creates an explosion of lava flying in different directions.

And remember, my rather powerful PC with difficulty pulled out the Black Hole TNT explosion and asked about 10 GB of RAM at the same time.

Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2Super Tnt Mod – Very Powerful Explosives 1.12.2


Install Fordj.

Download mod and copy in: C: \ Users \ Your user PC \ Appdata \ Roaming \.Minecraft \ Mods

Where to find the Appdata folder?

Download mod Super tnt:

1.7.10 – 1.eleven.2 – TNT – Mod

1.12.2: Download from the site (download 28mb)

Mirrors 1.12.2 – Yadi.SK

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