Thaumic Exploration – Addon 1.7.10 1.7.2 1.6.4

Thaumic Exploration – Addon 1.7.10 1.7.2 1.6.4

Thaumic Exploration – This is the Thaumcraft 4 Fashion Supplement.2 to version 1.7.10.

The mod is still under development, but now you can use it with some buns. Several useful devices, armor, enchantments and one decor item have been added in this addition.


All studies from the latest version:

  • TaintCle Ring

Tentacles ring (Baubles mod) – every time you get damage from the mob, a small infected tentacle may appear next to it and attack it.

  • Thaumostatic Stabilizer
  • Taumostatic stabilizer is a special belt (Baubles mod) that can completely save you from the effect of leaching. Now, having received damage from the mob, you will not fly back, but stay in place.

  • Flesh Couring
  • Cleaning the flesh – allows you to turn rotten flesh into skin with a magic boiler and several aspects.

  • Cured Zombie Brain
  • Zombie’s brain cleansing is a useful procedure that allows you to get an ordinary human brain, which can be useful in future crafts and research. Also, the purified brain can serve as a bait for any zombie if it is thrown to the ground or put on a magic pedestal.

  • Think Tank
  • Thinking bank – this study allows you to place three living brain in a jar at once. Such a bank placed on a book shelf can process ordinary books and with a little chance to extract fragments of knowledge from them. (it is worth considering that the device does not work in tight rooms)

  • Amber Wand Core
  • The amber nucleus for the wand is capable of only 10 units of each type, but the advantage of this nucleus is that it can immediately restore all types of VIS per 1 unit to full volume, unlike ordinary wands, which restore only 1 type of hang and not completely.

  • Amber Staff Core
  • The amber core for the staff can store 25 hangs of each type and restores all types of VIS, like the amber core for a wand.

  • Transmutate Wand Core
  • A nucleus for a rod capable of storing 75 units of VIS of each type. The peculiarity of this nucleus is that it slowly pumps a certain type of VIS in a stick (if its amount exceeds 90%) in another type of hang with the least amount.

  • The core for the staff with the same properties as the Transmutate Wand Core. Capacity: 175 VIS of each type

  • Necromincer’s Staff Core
  • The bone core of the necromancer staff is able to store 200 types of every type. Its advantage is that it absorbs 4 times more VIS of killed mobs. Also, a staff with such a core can be used as

    Nearby weapons – when hitting the enemy, the effect of drainage is superimposed. The disadvantage of such a staff is that it pumps out only 75% of the VIS from the total number from the aura nodes or other standard sources.

  • Necromincer’s Wand Core
  • Unlike the nucleus of the staff of the necromancer, the nucleus of the rod only doubles the number of VIS from the killed mobs and cannot be used to pump the VIS from the aura node.

  • Sojourner’s Cap
  • Azeri tips – are able to pump the VIS from the aura nodes without your participation, you just need to be next to them.

  • Mechanist’s Cap
  • Mechanical tips for rifles from Redstone – their acceptance in fast pumping of the VIS from the aura nodes. (faster than golden tips, but slower than taumic ones)

  • Crucible of Souls
  • A magic boiler of shower – a device that can extract essences from the nearest living entities (the standard loot falling from the mob is taken into account). It is necessary to configure the device so that it does not dry the players and their pets. It is worth considering that this boiler can often cause instability in the form of infected gas or mucus.

  • Boots of the meteor
  • Meteor boots are similar in speed to traveler boots, but thanks to them you can apply damage to mobs, just jumping on them from above. The more distance you fly down, the more damage will be.

    Also, these boots allow you to make quite large jumping forward using the Shift key.

  • Boots of the Comet
  • Improved version of the traveler boot. These boots allow you to move even faster, and also allow you to walk on water (the water under you will instantly freeze).

  • Oblivion jar
  • Unlike the void jar (VOID JAR), this bank can take several types of essence from your network of pipes at once, but it works according to the same principle, though its priority is the lowest among all cans. This bank will accept all types of essence for which there was not enough space in other banks. Only golems can interact with this jar.

  • Soul Brazier
  • A special device that is capable of if not removed, then at least reduce your warp (distortion). For work, you will need VIS from the aura node, as well as Mortus essence in the bank. It is worthwhile to beware of the negative effects that can occur during the process of cleansing from distortion.

  • Thaumic Replicator
  • A device designed to create blocks from essence. With the right button on the device with a block in your hand, you set the necessary drawing. To start the process, you need to click on the device with a rod. The necessary types of essence will appear above the device. All that remains is to place banks with the necessary essence nearby. To start the process of the Nasty – it is necessary to pull out the created block. To reset the given drawing – click PKM by hand device. Alas, this device can create only the simplest blocks.

  • Wispy Dreamcatcher
  • This device should be on the fast access panel. It with some chance reduces or completely blocks the damage from infected objects or blocks.

  • Discount Rings
  • Rings designed to reduce the VIS when crafting something in magic. Line. or activation of something. Crack from all types of fragments (for each type of VIS). You can wear a maximum of 2 rings (Baubles mod), each ring makes a discount in the required VIS by 3%.

  • Talisman of nourishment
  • Absorption talisman is a convenient device, thanks to which you can forget about such a thing as meals. If your inventory has any food, then the absorption talisman in one of the active slots will begin to absorb this food and fill up. When you get hungry, the absorption talisman will restore you the necessary number of hunger glasses.

  • Floating Candle
  • The same candles from Taumcraft, only soar up and down. Are needed only for decor and not suitable for reducing the instability of the altar, unlike ordinary candles.

  • Everfull URN
  • Water urn – a useful device that is an endless source of water. In addition to automatic filling of buckets and a magic boiler, this urn can also remove fire from the tanned players nearby. Also, this urn is able to interact with industrial mods as an endless water source (can be connected to a tank or pipe).

  • Everburn URN
  • A similarity of water urn, only this urn works with lava and provides its endless source.

  • Chest Seals (the study is removed from the last release)
  • Printing for chests – an invention that allows you to connect an infinite number of chests into one network. In other words, you can turn any chest into a semblance of a chest chest due to multi – colored seals.

    This invention can help you access the chests of a house from anywhere on the map.

  • Jar Seals (do not work in the last release)
  • Printing for cans work on the same principle as printing for chests.

  • Focus for the sword that slows enemies, forbids the enderman to teleport, also forbids the Cryper to explode a few seconds after the blow.

  • Enchantment – Night Vision
  • Enchanting for a helmet that gives you a constant effect of night vision

  • Furning for a sword that will allow you to knock out a weapon from the hands of an enemy monster or player.

  • P.WITH. There are about 5 other studies in the fashion files, but did not add information about them, t.To. They may not be introduced.
  • Screenshots:

    Thaumic Exploration – Addon 1.7.10 1.7.2 1.6.4Thaumic Exploration – Addon 1.7.10 1.7.2 1.6.4Thaumic Exploration – Addon 1.7.10 1.7.2 1.6.4Thaumic Exploration – Addon 1.7.10 1.7.2 1.6.4

    How to install the Thaumic Exploration mod:

    Install Thaumcraft for your version of Minecraft.

    Download the mod and place the file at: C: \ Users \ Your user PC \ Appdata \ Roaming \.Minecraft \ Mods

    How to find an Appdata folder?

    Download mod to Thaumic Exploration:

    1.6.4 Thaumic – Exploration – Mod – 1.6.4.jar [2.28 mb]

    1.7.2 Thaumic – Exploration – Mod – 1.7.2.jar [1.82 mb]

    1.7.10 THAMICEXPLORATION – 1.7.10 – 1.1 – 53.jar [1.89 mb]

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