Tomes 1.16.5 – Reading Spells – Minecraft Mods

Tomes 1.16.5 – Reading Spells – Minecraft Mods

The mod will allow you to feel like a magician by adding the opportunity to read spells. To create magic, three magic books will be needed. They need to apply a spell on them to get unique spells. The pronounced spell will work while the book is in your hands. To get active magic, you will need 30 level spells and a lot of book shelves for the enchanting table.




  • Dying KnowLEDGE: increased experience by 50%.
  • Linguist: display of the received spell on the enchanting table.
  • AIRY PROTECTION: 50% chance to repel the projectile in the attacker.
  • Nurtering roots: being on the grass, satiety will decrease slower.
  • Advantageous Growth: Obtaining 2 times more crop.
  • Forest Affinity: In a forest bioma, get the effect of regeneration and resistance.
  • Rotten Heart: Crypers, Spiders, Zombies and Skeletons ignore the player.
  • Nocturnal: At night, the player will receive effects: night vision, strength and speed.
  • Coven’s Rule: Witches do not attack and can trade.


  • Self Propulsion: Raises the player up to 10 blocks
  • Force of Wind: Mobs push.
  • Everchanging Skies: calls rain.
  • Strike from ABOVE: The call of lightning to the place where the sight indicates.
  • Lifebringer: In the zone of 7x7x7 blocks, an increase in plant growth rate and animals will be fed for reproduction.
  • Beast Tamer: taming animals that can be tamed. You can tame a spider.
  • Wild AID: a call of a wolf for 120 seconds.
  • Molding Lands: Transforming blocks of grass, trees and foliage into mycelium.
  • Mind Bender: the right mouse button on a mob and he will follow you.
  • Ghostly Steed: Call of a loshadi skeleton for 10 minutes.
  • Withering STENCH: an attack with a stink with a wilting effect for 10 seconds.
  • Dark Age: Install night.


Tomes 1.16.5 – Reading Spells – Minecraft Mods

How to install Tomes?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Press Win+R (Win button is between Ctrl and Alt)
  3. In the window that appears, write %Appdata %
  4. Go to .Minecraft/mods (if there are no “Mods” folders, then create)
  5. Drag the mod (.zip/.jar) in the Mods folder

Download Tomes

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