Trollhunter – Cool Armor 1.12.2

Trollhunter – Cool Armor 1.12.2

Mod Trollhunter – Cool armor

The mod will add an amulet to the Minecraft, which, when used, gives the player a rather powerful armor and a very cool sword, which inflicts 54 damage when hit. The armor looks like an ordinary iron, only with some changes in appearance, plus it gives effects by the type of high jump and speed, but the sword looks straight from the future, as if they took films from cyberpunk films. It will be a pleasure to deal with mobs with this .

Crafts can be viewed in jei.

How to install a mod Trollhunter

Install the FORDH for Minecraft.

Download the mod and place the file at: C: \ Users \ Your user PC \ Appdata \ Roaming \.Minecraft \ Mods

Open the launcher Minecraft and select in the profile version of Minecraft with Fordzh.

Download mod Trollhunter

1.12.2 – Trollhunter.jar [645.33 KB]

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