Xray 1.8.9 1.7.10 – Minecraft Mods

Xray 1.8.9 1.7.10 – Minecraft Mods

Universal Fashion Xi, which is very easy to install. The modification is compatible for Forge and Minecraft 1.8.9 and 1.7.10. For those who do not know, Xire is a mod that adds x – ray vision. With it, you can look through blocks and see useful resources and caves. To enable the modification, click “X”.


How to install XRAY?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Press Win+R (Win button is between Ctrl and Alt)
  3. In the window that appears, write %Appdata %
  4. Go to .Minecraft/mods (if there are no “Mods” folders, then create)
  5. Drag the mod (.zip/.jar) in the Mods folder

Download Xray

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