Ant Farm Survival – an incredibly Cool Passage Card 1.7.10

Card author: mgplatinium

Ant Farm Survival – an incredibly Cool Passage Card 1.7.10

Thanks to one person, I learned about this incredibly steep card Ant Farm Survival.: milo:

Forget all the cards in which you played before this. They fade, even the most funny – nothing compared to Ant Farm Survival.: fair:

I think you are already fucked up from the screenshot above? I am still impressed.

I will definitely save, and be free time, I will definitely go through it. The essence of the card is to achieve Achivka, there are no delusional ideas, there are tasks and a limited world.

The card is thought out to the smallest detail, and what is done around the card simply shocks the imagination.: Surprised – OMG:

The essence of the idea is that you are in an anthill, but in a home flat anthill, and there is a room around.

We played in the Constitutional Court on maps where everything is also huge, and you are small running around the giant keyboard? Here is something similar.

The very highlight of the card Ant Farm Survival (until I passed it) is a gigantic room, incredibly similar to a real, bed, walls, a workbench, windows ..

How the developers have achieved such accuracy and credibility?

They made their texture package specifically for the card.

In general, it is the same as standard, but some blocks are changed in it, for example, glass in the textured card – this is the administrative – fiber in ordinary texturepack.

And all this is done for realism, we see glass, but we will not be able to break. Block textures have been redone, in general, see and try, this is masterful. And there is also an underground part of the map..

Card screenshots:

Ant Farm Survival – an incredibly Cool Passage Card 1.7.10Ant Farm Survival – an incredibly Cool Passage Card 1.7.10Ant Farm Survival – an incredibly Cool Passage Card 1.7.10Ant Farm Survival – an incredibly Cool Passage Card 1.7.10

If you understand badly, then watch a cool video preview:

Video cards:

Tasks and ACHIVIKs:

I copy from the topic of the developer and hide under the spoiler.


Basic goals:

• make onions • Make glass • Make a bucket • Create iron tools

• Create an endless water source

• Find and start growing bamboo • Make a book shelf • enchant the item

• build a house

• Find, collect and start growing giant red and white mushrooms

• Find and activate the secret Spawner chicken

• To bake a cake

• make dynamite

• tame a wolf • Create a wheat farm • Create a watermelon’s farm • Make a compass • Find and collect all 8 diamonds • Destroy all Spawner (there are 18 of them in a total of 18 pieces of aggressive Spawner)

The goals of the ants of the Lower World farm:

• Collect obsidian • Create a portal to the lower world and go down to it • Get gold fragments • Make a clock

• Make a gold apple • Find and get light stone

• Find the fortress in the lower world

• Find a treasury in the fortress • Destroy all Spawners in the lower world (only 14)

• Create a treatment potion finished? Now take care of this:

• Leave an ant farm (hint: where the light desls?)

• Go down the floor

• get a diamond block under the bed

• climb to the top of the bed and find a secret message: D


• No coal – do wood!

• The walls are actually a retained hip, this means that they are not destructive and below is really dark!

• If you are going to play in a multiplayer, put the spawn radius on 0 (in the Bukkit file.yml) to avoid spawn outside the ant farm! And use exclusively bukkitandrsquo; Ohm, otherwise you will not be able to go down to the ant farm of the lower world!

• Put the Render distance on the far to see the whole room!


• Do not leave the ant farm until you get to such a goal.

• E Play peaceful. This is a survival card!

• Use the incoming archive of the texture of the PAK, otherwise everything will look like a stamp ..

• Do not build another portal in the lower world, otherwise bad things will happen.

• Do not collect anything outside the ant. Yes, wood is a groomed sponge.

Guys – Ant Farm Survival card is a masterpiece!!!

Installing Ant Farm Survival card:

Attention, Ant Farm Survival card works Only on Minecraft 1.7.10, Do not try to play on versions older.

Screw the archive with the map, place the folder that was in the archive in the Saves Paku which is inside the folder .Minecraft

Download Ant Farm Survival:

Old versions of the cardVery, very old version of the card (4): Antfarmsurvival_v4.0.0.RAR [16.36 MB]

More old version. [3.74 mb]

New version, 3 versions of the card standard, extreme, and SCY ANT FARM

Install texturepack: [546.53 KB]

Map: [2.73 mb]

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