Cartoon Adventure Nubik Series 1

Cartoon Adventure Nubik Series 1

Great news, now you can not only play Minecraft, but also watch a cartoon dedicated to the game.

Yes, yes, about the game they took off the cartoon, is our favorite Minecraft will soon go out onto the big screen?

The cartoon is called Nubik’s adventures, or in the original The N00b Adventures.

The length of the series is about 5 minutes, and tells about the adventures of the player with Nick Nubik.

The first series talks about how Nubik connected to the server and met two funny and kind players.

The players have very interesting nicknames, the first: Obzrazhka69, the second Fart Garfunkel, which also recently joined the server.

They decided to unite and build a house, and they did it, they built a real work of art

Video in full news.

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