Farlands – Distant Lands in Minecraft

Let’s start with the definition of distant lands and, in particular, corner:

Far lands

Quote: Minvikidal land (from English. Far Lands) – a game space that was generated very far from the center of the game world – on its edge or in the corner (crossing the edges). The distance from the center of the game map by the beginning of far land is 12.550.820 meters, and this is approximately 31% of the planet Earth on the equator. Когда игроки своими действиями «заставляют» Далёкие земли генерироваться, начинаются ужасные лаги, а карта становится очень сильно искажённой.


Quote: Minvikin’s corner, where two vertical walls are in contact, corner distant lands begin to be generated. Unlike endlessly long holes in the walls on extreme distant lands, here the landscape is more andquot;normalandquot;. It seems that this area squeezed into the upper edge of the map, which created huge plateaus from various types of breeds and a horizontal layered structure;For such a look, this part of the distant lands was named andquot;Layeredandquot; (The Stack). Each layer looks like a giant floating continent, depending on the other layer, which is in the shade.

I shot at 1.5_01 to show old distant lands. They were filled with a note after 1.2.5, but this is another story: D and it will be here by the way.

After TP there, back – you can’t, the mines are painted. Either the lands act strangely, or the SPCs came across a curve (although Minecraft.jar I still downloaded somewhere)

My travels with comments without a mira, unfortunately, because I’m too lazy: D

The second and third parts will be with him.


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