Gladiador Reloaded 1.9

Gladiador Reloaded 1.9

Gladiador Reloaded – War between clans on the server!

Gladiador Reloaded – This is an addon, for the existing Simpleclans plugin (yes, and this happens, addons can be not only for mods).

This plugin will arrange an event andquot;Gladiatorandquot; and combine all existing clans in the Great War!

Attention, this plugin requires simpleclans and mito! |This Plugin Is Required to Use Simpleclans and Mito!

When, I wrote the news, I realized that some would not understand the meaning of the plugin, or what he does, so I recommend Watch the video and get acquainted with the SimpleClans plugin!

Teams |Commands:

/GLAD or /GLADIADOR (for players) |/Glad or /Gladiador for Players

/Gladadm or /Gladiadoradm (for admins) |/Gladadm or /Gladiadoradm for Admin Serv

Permissions |Rights:

Gladiador.Entrar – enter the event (for players) |To enter the event (Member)

Gladiador.sair – leave the event (for players) |To Exit the Event (Member)

Gladiador.Camarote – enter the room (front room?) (for players) |To enteroom (member)

Gladiador.Tags – look at the tags of players (for players) |To see the players that has the tags (member)

Gladiador.Status – see the state of the event (for players) |To view event

Gladiador.Staff – create an event/configure the event (for administrators) |To set up the event (admin)


Useful links |Useful links:

Simpleclans – https: // devv.bukkit.Org/Projects/Simpleclans

MITO – http: // www.Mediafire.COM/File/Cfqtziyvh52DFAM/MITO.jar

Github – https: // github.COM/Skelletonx/Gladiador – Reloaded

Installation of the plugin Gladiador Reloaded |Install The Plugin:

1) Open the folder with the server

2) download the plugin by links below.

3) Place the downloaded jar or zip file in the Plugins folder

Download plugin Gladiador Reloaded |Download the plugin:

1.9 – GladiaDorReloaded – 1.jar [38.56 kb]

The author of the plugin – Skelletonx

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