In Minecraft 1.2 Will Improve the intelligence Zombie

In Minecraft 1.2 Will Improve the intelligence Zombie

The update 1 was recently released 1.1, and now the Minecraft update is already very close to 1.2, as you already know in 1.2 versions in the jungle appeared a new mob, this is a cat, a leopard or a tiger. Many say that Jeb is too often released new versions of the game, but is it bad? Of course, we, the owners of the not license, and playing the server on the server, is a big hemorrhoids, with each new version we need to update the server, a bunch of plugins, fashion, etc.

Jeb does not forget to improve old mobs. This time, zombies underwent an upgrade, or rather their brains. Does the zombie have brains?

API – The artificial intelligence of the zombie has undergone great changes, now it is not so easy to lure them into a trap, they will follow you and pass obstacles no worse than the player. As the developers say, they will become a real nightmare for lovers to walk around the caves.

I think this is too loud statement. In general, now it will not be possible to escape from a bunch of zombies so simply, you have to kill them.

Below on the video you can see the experimental improved zombies and how he copes with the pursuit of the player.

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