Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

Many teenagers, boys, and sometimes even adult men are obsessed with Minecraft. Many devote a fairly large amount of time to this game, plunging into the world of Minecraft. So, let’s get to know this game better.

We present to your attention the most interesting facts about Minecraft:

1. Since the popularity of this game with it is growing and the income of the main developer of Marcus Alexei Person, which is $ 350,000 per day, increases;

2. The notch has a fairly high level of IQ, which only 2% of the population can boast;

3. In March 2012, sales were so high that Minecraft entered the top 6 of the best – selling games;

Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

4. Such high sales are due to expensive advertising, think you. But this is actually not at all, but rather the opposite. They did not spend a cent on advertising;

5. Thanks to statistics, another interesting fact about Minecraft was clarified – about 5% of Minecraft gamers are actually archeatects;

6. But the players may have noticed that every 1 June you can see congratulations on the birthday of notch;

7. Marcus, apparently, does not like to make template decisions, because otherwise, how to explain the fact that at the trial he proposed to settle the conflict with Bethesda by the party in Quake3: Arena;

8. Alexey Personses also loves to play computer games. After all, as it became known, in the game Team Fortress 2, he has his own hat;

I. Notcha can be called the heart of Mojang, because it is he who is listed as the owner, developer and creator of Minecraft;

10. For the attention of Minecraft gamers, we represent another interesting fact – Marcus sometimes visits various servers to please the fans of this game;

eleven. Nick Jeba another Minecraft developer. He has his own name, so to speak, spaces on the keyboard;

12. Sony invited notes to its press conference. The invitation was painted under gold, and he was also awarded a copy of the original game Dungeon Master 2;

13. Today, the popularity of this game has grown so much that the number of visitors exceeds 240 million per month. Human;

Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

14. Many schoolchildren around the world dream of playing various computer games in the lessons. For students of one of Stockholm schools, this dream became a reality. After all, they have a mandatory lesson to teach Minecraft. According to teachers, this develops children’s thinking;

15. In the entire history of existence, this game had several names. At the beginning andquot;Cave Gameandquot;, then andquot;Minecraft: Order of Stoneandquot; And only then she began to be called andquot;Minecraftandquot;;

16. Not only the name of the game changed, but also the characters. Initially, Minecraft’s name was called andquot;Minecraft Guyandquot;, And after some time he was renamed Steve;

17. Do you know that at the moment about 500 people are acquiring this game;

18. Many say that computer games are created for adolescents, and t. D., However, this is not quite true. After all, 5 % of Minecraft players are archeatects;

19. There are those who wished to stay incognito. Junkboy did not want someone to know about him;

20. At the beginning of the creation, the game was one cave, where the first blocks were cobblestone and grass;

21. Each player knows that the workbench is used to determine parts of the world;

Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

22. For users andquot;Minecraftandquot; – To understand who is hiding behind the snowman, just simply become in it;

23. Everyone knows that the iron goita protects the village inhabitants, but few people know that he can also give them a flower;

24. At the beginning of the game, the sun was round, but later the developers decided to make it square;

25. But the ability to throw eggs is added thanks to the dispute of a notch with a player who promised that he would eat his USB cable if he in turn adds this innovation;

26. But did you know that the skeleton began to age at the moment when you begin to approach it;

Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

27. 1000 mud houses – this is what their number is created every minute in the world andquot;Minecraftandquot;;

28. But if you use tools not to place, then he immediately lost the level of strength;

29. 121 hours of the game is a year on game time;

thirty. The cake immediately disappears when the player presses him with a piston;

Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

31. But the zombie must beware, because they can be with a little probability to set fire to;

32. The scales are not afraid of the effect of studying;

33. Players are recommended to take a closer look at the sand of the shower, where you can notice the faces of the grifers;

34. Pocket Edition can be seen in the iOS trailer.

And I am finishing my article, so far it was with you zzima. See you soon!

Interesting Facts About: Minecraft .

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