Lp Adventures in Minecraft the Walls Pvp

Lp Adventures in Minecraft the Walls Pvp

I will play the fifty on the famous map from Herobrine`s Mansion. CAST is called The Walls

What is the essence?

For the game you need at least 2 players (here 50). Preferably 5: 4 fighting and 1 admin/observer.

The fighters have 15 minutes to prepare for the battle: to dig up resources, prepare armor and weapons, build a fortress or, for example, a trap – it all depends on your skills and fantasy.

15 minutes after the start, the walls enclosing players are lowered, and you can start PVP.

This is an American server for Minecraft licenses!

Part 1. Provider

Part 2. Heavenly base

Part 3. I hate skeletons, I hate!

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