Minecraft 1.5.1 – 1.9 Bukkit Chatguard 7.3.3 – anti – Mat, anti – Flood, anti – Caps

Minecraft 1.5.1 – 1.9 Bukkit Chatguard 7.3.3 – anti – Mat, anti – Flood, anti – Caps

As I told you the news is dedicated to the plugin, which is called Chatguard!


The plugin protects the chat from messages written in the upper register, from the mat, from advertising and flood. The sender receives warnings for violations of the chat rules (if included). Messages may simply not be displayed in chat, and messages with obscenities or advertising can also be replaced by an alternative word.


Caps protection

Flood protection

Protection against advertising sites and servers

Protection from the mat

Issuing warnings to players

Various punishments for violations: ban, kik, mut or ax

The ability to use your team for punishment

Checking new versions of the plugin

Let’s start the teams:

/cg add * word * – add * word * to the list of forbidden

/cg remov * word * – delete * word * from the list of forbidden

/CG Addwarn Player – increase the level of warnings to the player Player

/CG Removewarn Player – reduce the level of warnings to the player Player

/CG Unmute Player – Remove Mut with Player

/cg list – list of violators

/CG CLEAR {Player} – Clean the list of violators or delete the player’s warnings {Player}

/CG Export – export the base of bad words to a new format (irrelevant)

/CG Help – page using

/CG RELOAD – plugin rebooting team


Chatguard.* – Rights to everything!

Chatguard.Addword – the right to add new words

Chatguard.RemoVeword – the right to delete words from a dictionary

Chatguard.Addwarn – access to the warning team

Chatguard.Removewarn – Access to the warning reduction team

Chatguard.unmute – access to the removal of a mut

Chatguard.List – access to a sheet of violators

Chatguard.Clear – Access to the team /CG Clear

Chatguard.RELOAD – Access to the rebooting of the plugin

Chatguard.Export – Access to Word Export

Chatguard.ignorell – ignore all protection

Chatguard.ignorecaps – ignore capsure protection

Chatguard.ignoreadv – ignore advertising protection

Chatguard.ignoreflood – ignore Flood protection

Chatguard.ignoreswear – ignore the protection against mat


1.5.1 – chatguard.jar [38,65 kb]

1.8.1 – Chatguard – 7.2 – FOR – 1.8.1.Jar [96.72 KB] (Game Version 1.8.1cb 1.7.2 – R0.2CB 1.5.2 – R0.1)

1.9 – Chatguard – 7.3.3 – phor – 1.I.jar [109.25 KB] (Game Version

Russified messages

How to establish Russified messages:

1.Open the Charguard archive

2.Replace Messages.yml the one in the jar file for downloaded.




Throw a jar file into the Plugins folder of your server.

This is where my news ends.Good luck to everyone, so far!

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