Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!

Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!Hello everyone, with you Leonid!You know what the game is andquot;Hide and seekandquot;?Everyone played in it!Now the childhood game is transferred to Minecraft!What came of it?

Leonid. approves!


The DigitalCraft project is glad to present to your attention the Hideandseek card, which means “hide and seek”.I think the goal of the card is clear to everyone, but the principle of work, alas, is not clear to everyone.You appear on the spawn, after which you must familiarize yourself with the rules.If you read all the rules and are ready to start the game with your friends, then you need to click on the button in the spawn room. After clicking on the button, you are teleporated on the main Spawn, from where you start your cheerful adventures on the map! Entering the lobby of mini games with the inscription “HS”, you choose one location on which all players will play.Each location is completely individual and has its own style.

Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!


Going into one of the rooms selected in the HS lobby, you see two buttons in front of you that will confirm your role on the location.Roles are: hiding, seeker.

Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!

The task of the hiding:

Click on the Start button and, after teleportation for the main location, find a reliable place for yourself to hide.60 seconds were issued on a hide and seek.After the counting is over, the seeker will be released.

Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!

The task of the seeker:

After he is released, the main task will be to find hiding and kill him.For the murder and convenient fishing hiding, he will be given the necessary tools.

Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!

How to run away from the seeker:

If you follow you, then run away.And where to go?You have two ways, it is to run away and again hide without giving a place, or having waited for the last night, to run to the checkpoint.

Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!

What is a checkpoint, a checkpoint is cleaned!:

A checkpoint is a 3 × 3 plate made of yellow and red wool and with a pressure stove in the middle.You can use this function exclusively at night and only hiding can use it!After you stepped on the stove, you will teleport you to the main spawn, where you are waiting for the end of the round.

The end of the round:

After clicking on the Start button, 30 minutes are given for the entire round.After 30 minutes, teleports everyone to the main spavan.And the gate in the HS lobby is opened again to select other locations!

Updates of the V3/8 version:

1.The card is fully automated

2.The third location is ready andquot;Schoolandquot;

3.Fixed bugs



Vadim Romanov

Stanislav Shibilin

The card was made “DigitalCraft” and has full rights to it!English language on the map is not adjusted, this was done to distribute a card on foreign resources.This part of the card is the first of the eight locations!

ScreenshotsMinecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!Minecraft 1.6+ Hide and Seek V.3/8 – Rects!

Stream Redcrafting:


The news will be updated with the release of new versions of the card!

For now!

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