Minecraft 1.7.9 Heroes – Become a Hero!

Minecraft 1.7.9 Heroes – Become a Hero!

You are in full!

So, let’s begin!


Heroes is a dynamic, flexible and tuned plugin. Heroes gives your server a highlight, each player will be unique, with its advanced skills. Along with classes, Heroes offers your players a new PVP style through a well – developed system of skills and weapons + armor restrictions. There will be no more magicians with diamond swords, thieves with diamond sets. This is your choice, make it yourself!

How can this be used?

With heroes, you can do almost everything you would like to do on the RPG server. The main feature is the adjustable multi – level class system, which offers so much rpgenicity to the owner’s server as much as possible. Your heroes can be absolutely unique to your server. The same can be said about the skills system. Skills and abilities that you can perform are unique to your class. This is what Heroes makes unique.



Change | Creating classes

Classes user names

Child System (example, Healer – – – andgt; Cleric)

Classes can be both primary and secondary


Skills in the base folder Heroes

You can add your own skills code

It is adjusted through Skills.yml

The ability to set the skill to a certain level

Binding skills

Team /Bind ties the ability to object in the hand

Use /bind again to untie the ability from the subject

Inventory | restrictions

Armor and weapons are limited to certain classes

Tuned in the confing of classes


/level to see the information at the level, see how much EXP is left to the next level

Tunable levels of level, at large levels will be given less than EXP than small

Additional health growth when increasing the level

Customary losses Exp (0.10 = 10% for death)

When a player reaches a certain damage, he will be able to switch to additional. class, skills on the main class will be preserved

EXP sources

Skill – Experience for using skills

Crafting – Craft experience

Mining – Experience for blocking blocks

Killing – Experience for killing mobs

Loging – I didn’t understand)

PVP – PVP experience

Health | Damage

Environmental damage is indicated

Install health mobs | Damage

Allow the healing of players in the bed

Install the player’s health


/mana shows the mana indicator – only 100%

Settressed mana regeneration rate


Exp – Sharing VKL/Off


Group skills

Supported plugins







1.6.4 Heroes.zip [647.64 KB]

1.7.9 Heroes.jar [463.47 kb]

2.Throw Vault and Heroes into the Plugins folder of your server

3.Reload the server


That’s all! Swami was Rotatick, good luck and so far!

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