Minecraft News: Skyrim Edition

And so, you are in complete! Today I will talk about Minecraft Skyrim Edition! So, let’s begin!

Minecraft News: Skyrim Edition

As part of the Minecon festival, Bethesda and Mojang announced the beginning of mutual cooperation, the result of which will be a special Minecraft publication with the speaker Skyrim Edition for the Xbox 360 console.

It will include an addition called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mash – Up. The date of its release remains unknown, but the developers assured that DLC would go on sale in the near future. The studio 4J, which ported Minecraft on Xbox 360, is working on it.

The Skyrim Mash – UP will recreate three locations of the fifth part of TES (Weitran, Riverwood and the windy peak), as well as the objects that the hero can create. The addition will introduce exclusive textures, 40 new appearance options for characters, menu and user interface, as well as twenty musical compositions – and all this will be designed in the spirit of Skyrim.

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