Mp Utils 1.0.0 Smp Teams For Admins

Mp Utils 1.0.0 Smp Teams For Admins

MP Utils [1.0.0] [smp]

The plugin adds several new teams for the server administrator.

New teams:

/I [num] [meta] – abbreviated /give command.

/Heal – restores you all your lives.

/WARP – transfers you according to the indicated X, Y, Z Coordinates (to find out your coordinates, click F3).

/spawn [num] – span mobs of the specified amount. – Mob name.

/mobkill – kills all mobs at the indicated distance.

/go – vn/off in invulnerability.

/Weather – Choose the weather.

/enable – turn on the command.

/disable – turn off the command.


Install Modloadermp (Click to go to fashion)

Throw a file called mod_mputils.Class in the Minecraft_Server folder.jar

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