Realistico 2.0 – Realistic Datapack For Minecraft 1.16.2

Realistico 2.0 – Realistic Datapack For Minecraft 1.16.2

Datapac Realistico 2.0 adds to Minecraft new pleasant realistic little things! You have been playing vanilla Minecraft for a long time and you want to add a little realism?

Datapac developed Bigsty and you can see a review of functions from the author of Datapac himself.

The functions that PAK adds:

  • All food that can be planted in the bed can be landed by herself if it is simply thrown out onto the garden.
  • Sprouts of trees, fungi, growth can similarly andquot;Plantandquot; If you throw it.
  • From the chicken eggs lying on the ground, a chicken can be hatched
  • After sleep, you will get a little health regeneration.
  • When going out into the web, you will break it.
  • If you stand on the torches, or a stone, you will receive damage. But you can stand calmly on the redstone torches
  • When you are next to bats, you will get the effect of poisoning
  • An arrow launched from a bow, you can break the glass (with some chance)
  • You will fail in the foliage of trees
  • If the turtle eggs are lying on the ground for a long time
  • Passing through high grass, reed you will slow down, and roses will be damaged.
  • If you stand on a jug, then after a while it will break.

Unfortunately, there is also a feature bug, if you stand on a stone for a long time, it will cut you too much effects that cannot be removed with milk.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the file
  2. Choose a world in which you want to set a date – pack, and clickandquot;Tuneandquot;
  3. Click andquot;Open the World folderandquot;
  4. Open the folder andquot;Datapacksandquot; and copy the archive with Datapac in it
  5. In the game in the chat, enter the team /Reload and then /Trigger Flame

Download Datapac Realistico 2.0:

1.16.X: [7.31 kb]

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