Review Minecraft Version 1.4.4

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Review Minecraft Version 1.4.4

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Improved messages about the critical mistakes of the game (Crash Report).

Added a team /ENCHANT

Arrows now get stuck in the players when hit Beta 1.8.

Added a plate Wait.

Smarts Now suffocate outside the water.

The color of the wool is slightly changed Pink sheep.

When clicking on a mob with an appropriate invocation egg, appears in the hand young.



Warning: A lot of text

Fixed graphic gate failures, cacti in pots, an eye in the blocks of the portal, the dragon eggs, an anvils, fences and torches.

Fixed a bug, in which the loot fell into transparent objects could not be assembled.

Fixed a bug that made it possible to enchant books with a pen of any spell.

Fixed a bug, at which it was possible to pass through the ceilings with sand/gravel.

Skeletons with swords no longer shoot arrows.

Fixed the model of the bargaining.

Fixed doors, pistons and beds that fell in creative mode when destroying a paired block.

Fixed flight through blocks or into the void in imparted champs: in them the client falls slower.

The wrong sound is fixed when installing one plate on another.

Fixed model of collisions of slugs.

Fixed the display of objects within the framework that does not take into account additional information in NBT.

Fixed records that lost the NBT data when extracting from players.

Fixed the transformation of single dyes into andquot;ghostandquot; When painting a wolf collar.

Fixed error with the incorrect work of the team /spawnpoint if the player is on a stretch or a pressure plate.

The opportunity was removed to call the sketchor on a peaceful complexity.

When changing the regime from creativity in flight, the damage from the fall will be counted from the point of mode changing, and not from the highest point that the player reached in flight, as previously.

Fixed the absence of particles when hitting the dragon egg.

Fixed potatoes and carrots requiring soil plowing.

The anvils retain orientation when falling.

The incorrect position of the text in demo in a resolution with a ratio of sides 4: 3 is corrected.

Fixed the inability to add objects with the same NBT data in piles.

Fixed the possibility of mobs to select objects even after death.

Fixed the impossibility of duplication (mouse wheel in creativity) of objects in the upper left corner of containers.

Fixed the hovering of the game when generating fortresses in certain cases.

The server falls when connecting the player if a non – existent complexity is established.

Fixed a server fall from modified spauners with the same minimum and maximum (t.e. fixed) delay.

Fixed the error associated with creative equipment that led to the fall of the game.

Fixed mobs sent to the lower world, which returned back as soon as the player entered the lower world.

Fixed to refresh the damage from falling during a reinforcing in the middle of the flight.

Fixed error with ongoing sounds of the trolley when stopping at the wall.

Fixed incorrect display of blocking with sword on invisible players with blocks on the head.

Fixed a bug, in which the block sometimes caused a double sound and the effect of particles when destroyed.

andquot;YOUR GAME MODE HAS Been Changedandquot; no longer shown when using /Gamemode if the mode has not actually changed.

Fixed a mistake led to the destruction of a lever located next to the closing door.

Fixed hatches closed when the block was destroyed next to them.

Fixed entities that were not displayed immediately after entering the world.

Fixed lightning that created fire on the client side.

Fixed the lag caused by teleportation of entities to the lower world.

Fixed the heads of players who lost data when destroying.

ESC returns to the main menu from the server selection screen.

Fixed frames in the framework of which only one frame fell out.

Fixed the destruction of the card name when copying it.

Fixed the flickering background of objects with this effect (for example, an enhanced golden apple) in the lighthouse interface.

The difference in the necessary picking for emerald ore and emerald block has been corrected.

Fixed behavior /tp if the target player is in another dimension, which led to teleportation to the desired coordinates, but in the initial dimension.

Fixed an account on the death screen, always displayed as 0.

Fixed books that did not display empty lines with transfer.

Fixed the flicker of trolleys at certain angles of view.

Fixed the wrong color of vines, fern, grass and water lily in the hands of players.

Corrected skeletons holding bows inside out until the first shot.

The objects lying on the ground do not stop the trolleys.

Fixed chests and chest chests that had the wrong damage model/collision model/limiting model

Corrected octopus spacing in very small reservoirs.

Fixed structures that appeared in the not those biomes.

Run particles are fixed on colored blocks, which have always had a bleached texture.

Fixed the hithboxes of stairs.

Fixed chests in the multiplayer, which remained in the open state.

Fixed the inability to activate TNT with the hit of the burning arrow in the upper direction of the block.

Fixed an expanded description of objects (F3+H), which did not display the name of the renamed items in italics.

Fixed TNT loss activated by other TNT, in some cases.

Babs cannot push other mobs and players.

Fixed too high sound of bats.

Fixed the inability to destroy paintings and frames under the effect of weakness.

Fixed the eye of the edges, andquot;forgettingandquot;, Who launched it, when unloading.

Fixed beds that did not uproot potatoes and carrots when trampling.

Fixed the possibility of a drainage to destroy the portals of the region.

Fixed mushrooms that appeared everywhere on the upper indigenous rock in the lower world.

Fixed the impossibility of placing hatches on single slabs.

Fixed mirror display of block textures on player models.

Fixed a web slowing for flying players in creative mode.

Fixing the falling blocks visually set aside when falling through the lava.

Fixed burning mobs that do not look burning in trolleys.

Fixed sound with some sounds caused on the client.

Fixed mobs that became invisible if the trolley in which they rode was breaking.

Fixed running, sometimes causing damage.

Fixed signs, sometimes displayed empty.

Fixed foliage of growing trees that replaced single slabs.

Fixed mobs trying to jump on hellish fence.

The wrong damage from falling when landing in water with a depth of one block has been fixed.

Fixed Tiemers of the effects of potions, which were displayed incorrectly if the server worked slower than it should have been.

Fixed snowy golems standing on pressing plates and fences that did not melt from the rain.

Fixed damage from falling in trolleys, used by accident and with a delay.

Fixed some tanning values in the implementation of Openal.

Fixed the effects of the lighthouse that were too annoying.

Fixed the placement of the bed simultaneously with its throwing away, leading to the placement of half the bed.

Fixed the placement of the bed during rotation around its axis, leading to the placement of several parts of the bed.

Fixed a model of collisions of cobblestone walls.

Fixed animation of the destruction of blocks in the adventure.

Fixed the inability to break glass and glass panels in the adventure.

Fixed the fall of the client that took place during the loss of connection during the editing of the tablets.

Fixed by OS X key Tab.

Fixed the opening of the world for a local network, which did not work in almost all Linux users.

Fixed inverted vertically movement of the head of chicken.

Fixed the team /SEED, which did not work from the server console.

Flying flying octopuses.

Fixed the fall of the game when connecting to the server associated with beacons and signs.

Fixed animals that did not give fried meat during instant killing with a sword with an aspect of fire.

Fixed too strong water flow.

Fixed the impossibility of falling into the void under certain circumstances.

Fixed the fall of the game when placing a trolley on electric rails.

Fixed the fall of the game when loading remote worlds.

Fixed the ability to jump over cobblestone walls.

Fixed the fall of the game when drawing a loot.

The improper placement of torches has been corrected (on the neighboring faces of the blocks, and not on the one indicated by the sight).

Fixed entities that were not displayed when loading peace and respowed.

Fixed the fall of the game due to iron golems.



Flash pillars in villages are incorrectly generated:

Review Minecraft Version 1.4.4


Video review of what was added in the pre – release and did not changeably come to the release.


And here you have to help all eid enchanting: Pump

You can download Minecraft yourself here.


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