Minecraft Plugin: 1.8.1 Music – Music on the Server!

Music was created so that players could listen to music right during. Either you turn on the music, or the players include music for themselves. This plugin must be filled with music, otherwise the players will be boring to listen to one and also music, or not to listen to anything at all. You can turn on music with a team, calling the music you wish.


/loop or /music – controls all the teams from the plugin.

/Loop play [namedshore] [cycle] – plays the name of music from a certain cycle

/Look Remove [Tsilk] – stop music

/Look Help – Assistance about the program

/Loop list [page] – music sheets


Adds music from resource packs

The player can control the music, turn off or turn it on, but the actions will only work for him.

Any music!

Config for the plugin

Music.zip [20.94 kb]


2.Go into the folder of your server

3.Go to Plugins

4.Throw a plugin there

5.Restore the server

And on this I am finishing the news. We leave comments and grades. At your request, I will not give up + in turnips (not necessarily).

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