Minecraft Plugin: 1.8+ Bedwaresrel – Adequate Bedars

Minecraft Plugin: 1.8+ Bedwaresrel – Adequate Bedars

Hi, I decided to make a review on the BedwareSrel plugin.

The better this plugin from the rest?

This plugin stands out perfectly from his so to speak younger brothers Categories Bedware. Unlike others, he can clean the card, has the possibility of tricks (well, there is a slime platform and t.e).


Everything is very simple, you throw the file of our friend Jara on such a way (take mine) byblickserver/plugins and you throw this plugin there and restart the server if it worked for you, and if it is turned off, then you will turn it on and you will create Legendary fileConfig.YML and others

Great Permish

There is no permishens, only experience can create an arena, and players can go by default

Teams in the studio

You go into the game and write /BW Help

But how to download? You forgot to download!

http: // DEV.bukkit.Org/Bukkit – Plugins/Bedwares – Rol/

Thanks for watching this news, I hope I liked it. Write shortcomings in comments

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