Minecraft Plugin: Marriage+ – Weddings!

Minecraft Plugin: Marriage+ – Weddings!

With the help of the marriage+ plugin, your players will be able to marry!

Yes, yes, now your players will be able to get married. But what will it give them? You ask. I will answer and list all the advantages after the wedding:

Teleportation to your partner

Creation of a common house of newlyweds

A private chat with a partner, it is worth entering a team and all sent messages will go to your partner, no one can see these messages.

Turning on, turning off the PVP you and your partner

The manifestation of love (you and your partner will fly hearts (as when taming an animal) for a while)

Transmission of things at a distance

Prefix teams:

/marry – show all teams

/marry – marry!

/Marry List – a sheet of your wedding

/Marry Divorce – Throw the player D:

/marry tp – here I think everything is clear =)

/Marry Love – Show Love

/Marry Pvpon – VK. PVP between your partner

/marry pvpoff – off. PVP between your partner

/Marry Home – Teleport to your common house

/marry sethome – put a common house



Description: Gives Access to All MarriagePlus Commands


Marry.List: True

Marry.Love: True

Marry.Home: True

Marry.Pvpon: True

Marry.Pvpoff: True

Marry.Priest: True

Marry.TP: True


Description: Allows You to Use The List Command

Default: True


Description: Allows You to Use The Love Animation

Default: True


Description: Allows You to Enable Pvp with your Partner

Default: True


Description: Allows You to Disable Pvp with your Partner

Default: True


Description: Allows You to Marry Two Players

Default: Op


Description: Allows You to TP to Your Partner

Default: True


Description: Allows You to Set and Go to Your Home

Default: True


Throw the file into the Plugins folder of your server

Site servers:

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