Minecraft Plugin: Top – 5 Rpg Plane

Minecraft Plugin: Top – 5 Rpg Plane

Hello, dear site users ru – Minecraft.ru! Many wanted to open a server with RPG themes, but few were able to fulfill their dream. There was not enough imagination or simply plugins. Today I will give you a chance to create such a server. In this news you will see TOP – 5 the best RPG – plugins in my opinion.

Fifth place – “”MCMMO

Minecraft Plugin: Top – 5 Rpg Plane

About the plugin – the goal of MCMMO is to change the game mechanics of Minecraft and add a high – quality RPG – experiment. MCMMO was carefully thought out and constantly improved. At the moment, MCMMO has fourteen unique skills. Each of these skills is easily configured, allowing the server administrators to best satisfy the needs of their players.

CoffigurationSettings are not required, you can just translate.

Functionality: ✔

Originality: ✔

RPG Experience: ✔

Something new: ✔

★ opa

About plugin – by name it becomes clear that the plugin is connected with the city. The plugin allows players to create and manage their city, make up wars and declare unions. In my opinion, the plugin is unnecessary, since all this can be done by other plugins.

PeculiaritiesAllows players to own and manage their land.

Players join cities and buy lands.

Measures decide who can build, destroy, use levers and objects, for each site separately.

Cities can be united by peoples, further structuring the server for teams..

PVP Axuals

Nations can declare unions or war other nations.

Teleportation to the city.

You can individually change the chat.


Sale of plots in the city.

Tax system

Functionality: ✔

Originality: ✖

RPG experience: ✖

Something new: ✖

★ opa

Racesandclasses (RAC) was created to bring the best from RPG – game in Minecraft. You can configure your own classes and races, which makes your server complete adventure! RAC is inspired by the largest mmorpg games in the world, one of them is World of Warcraft.

PeculiaritiesThe ability to create races and classes.

Everything is fully tuned.

Change the chat in different classes or races.

The gameplay changes significantly.

Provides RPG with experience in PVE and PVP environment.

Add spells, totems and other WoW objects to Minecraft (without mods)

Permissions – andquot;RAC.Race.Changeandquot; permission to Change the Actual Race

– andquot;RAC.Race.Selectandquot; permission to Select a Race

– andquot;RAC.Class.Changeandquot; Permission to Change the Actual Class

– andquot;RAC.Class.Selectandquot; permission to Select a class

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Create.Privateandquot; Permission to Create a Private Channel

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Create.Publicandquot; Permission to Create a Public Channel

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Create.Passwordandquot; Permission to Create a Password Channel

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Global.Banpowerandquot; Permission to Ban People from Global, World, Race Channel.

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Global.Unbanpowerandquot; Permission to Unban People from Global, World, Race Channel.

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Global.Mutepowerandquot; Permission to Mute People in Global, World, Race Channel.

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Global.Unmutepowerandquot; Permission to Mute People in Global, World, Race Channel.

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Editandquot; Permission to Edit Channels (All Channels!)

– andquot;RAC.Whisperandquot; permission to Whisper Someone with /Whisper

– andquot;RAC.Raceinfo.Displayandquot; permission to use the /raceinfo commun

– andquot;RAC.Heal.Selfandquot; permission to Heal Self (/Raceheal)

– andquot;RAC.Heal.Otherandquot; Permission to Heal Someone Else (/Raceheal)

– andquot;RAC.Debugandquot; permission to use /raCedebug commands

– andquot;RAC.Reloadandquot; permission to uce /racesreload [gc]

– andquot;RAC.Channel.Broadcastandquot; permission to uce the /Globalbroadcast (Alias: /GBR) Command to Broadcast a Message in the Global Channel

– andquot;RAC.Godandquot; Permission to Trigger Godmode (/Racegod [Playername]). Attenation! Only for Admins and Testing Purpose.

– andquot;RAC.Classes.andquot; permission to Select / Change to A Specific Class (Config Option To Use Permissions on Classes Must Be Active)

– andquot;RAC.Races.andquot; permission to Select / Change to a Specific Race (Config Options To Use Permissions On Races Must BE Active)

ConfigurationGeneral plugin settings are located in Plugins/Racesandclasses/Config.yml. This file should explain this file itself

Functionality: ✔

Originality: ✔

RPG Experience: ✔

Something new: ✔

★ opa

Foreign site

The first source – Yandex Disk [1.7.10]

First place – “Campaign

Minecraft Plugin: Top – 5 Rpg Plane

Campaign is a plugin that allows you to create detailed quests and complex dungeons for players. Unlike similar plugins, Campaign allows players to perform quests and dungeons together with other players. No need for programming experience, since the plugin does not require configuration. You can create absolutely everything. Restriction only your imagination.

PeculiaritiesThe campaign offers a wide set of tools to create adventure.

Customizers – players can join the group, for a single or cooperative multiplayer game. Mission can create a dungeon complete with traps, mob waves;searches for objects or mobs that your players make throughout the map;

Goals – there are many types of goals for your players. For example: killing mobs, offering objects, pressing buttons, killing each other, and even protecting the whole village from zombies.

There are NPCs and the bosses of which you can configure in configurations.

Foreign site

The first source – Yandex Disk [1.7.10]

And something. I created a group so that you could vote for the plugins/maps/fashion, and t like you liked.D.

Minecraft Plugin: Top – 5 Rpg Plane


Minecraft Plugin: Top – 5 Rpg Plane

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