World Guard – Privat Territories – Plugin Management Teams 1.12.2 1.11.2 1.10.2

Zones protection is carried out by Worldguard plugin.

To protect the zone, first it must be highlighted.

The zone is allocated by a wooden ax (enter the command // Wand).

World Guard – Privat Territories – Plugin Management Teams 1.12.2 1.11.2 1.10.2

Any zone highlighted by WorldGuard is a parallelepiped (or cuboid). That is, it can be rectangular, square, and so on, but it cannot be a complex shape. In the game, he stands out only by two points.

In this picture, these points are a and g.

World Guard – Privat Territories – Plugin Management Teams 1.12.2 1.11.2 1.10.2

The basic way to highlight the region:

In one cube, poke the left button with a wooden ax in the hand, and in the other cube with the right button. These will be the extreme opposite points of our cuboid – a and g from the picture.

However, this method is not always convenient. He forces to build high pillars and dig deep pits.

To facilitate this work:

// Expand andlt;lengthandgt; andlt;directionandgt; – This team expands the region in the given side.

Example: // Expand 5 Up – We will expand the release by 5 cubes up.

// Contract andlt;lengthandgt; andlt;directionandgt; – Reduces the allocation of the region in the given side.

Example: // Contract 5 Up – reduce the release by 5 cubic meters from the bottom up

Possible directions:

1. Up

2. Down

3. Me

The first two expand up and down, and the last one where you look.

The Contract team needs additional comments.

If you indicate the direction of the ME, then the region will decrease by the given number from you. Accordingly, if you specify the UP side, the region will decrease from the bottom up, that is, the lower border will rise upward. There is still a third argument between the first and last. It allows you to indicate the value of the reduction of the region from the other side, in the other direction.

// Shift andlt;lengthandgt; andlt;directionandgt; – Shifts the entire selection.

Example: // Shift 5 Down – will shift the release of 5 cubes down

There is another way to indicate these two points.


// hpos1

// hpos2

Set points in the cubes that you look at, that is, where the cross is directed in the center of the screen.

Each time you change the selection, in brackets, at the end of the line, shows how many cubes in the region you highlighted.

World Guard – Privat Territories – Plugin Management Teams 1.12.2 1.11.2 1.10.2

When you highlight the cuboid, you can save it for you:

/Region Claim andlt;The name of the regionandgt; – Retains the dedicated cuboid as a region with the specified name.

Each region has owners (Owner) and members (Member). Owners can change the parameters of the region, and add members and other owners. When you create a region, you automatically sign up for the owners.

To write to the owners or members of the region, commands are used:

/Region Addowner andlt;regionandgt; andlt;Nick1andgt; andlt;Nick2andgt; and t.D.

Example: /Region Addowner Testregion Player1 Player2

/Region AddMember andlt;regionandgt; andlt;Nick1andgt; andlt;Nick2andgt; and t.D.

Example: /Region Addmeber Testregion Player1 Player2

For removing:

/Region Removeowner andlt;regionandgt; andlt;Nick1andgt; andlt;Nick2andgt; and t.D.

Example: /Region Removeowner Testregion Player1 Player2[/i]

/Region RemoveMember andlt;regionandgt; andlt;Nick1andgt; andlt;Nick2andgt; and t.D.

Example: /Region Removemember Testregion Player1 Player2

Attention, brackets andlt; andgt; You don’t need to write anywhere.

For example, Vanya player wants to build a house for himself.

Vanya highlights the region in any way and writes /Region Claim Moydom

Now no one except him can build in this region. Then his friends Petya and Vasya come and want to help him.

Vanya writes /Region Addmeber Pagoda Petya Vasya

Now Petya and Vasya can help him build a house. When it is finished, and Vanya will want to live in it, and so that no one interferes with him, he writes /Region Removemeber Petya Vasya and these players can no longer change cubes within the Moydom region.

Regions can be set by subsidiaries and parental regions:

/Region Setparent andlt;regionandgt; andlt;Relative regionandgt; – In this case andquot;regionandquot; becomes a subsidiary of the region andquot;Relative regionandquot;.

For such a association, you need to be in the list of owners of both regions.

To remove parental communications, you just need not to indicate the parent region, that is, /Region Setparent andlt;regionandgt;.

If you simply allocate one region inside the other, they will not be subsidiaries and parental.

Only the owner of the old region can distinguish a new region partially overlapping the old.

If you were mistaken when marking the region, and have already retained it, then it can be chosen as a selection using a command:

/Region Select andlt;regionandgt;

You can save changes in the region by writing again:

/Region Claim andlt;regionandgt;

You can delete the region using the command:

/Region Delete andlt;regionandgt;

Now ordinary users can also put flags, but only the owners of the region can do this.

The flags are placed by the command:

/Region Flag andlt;regionandgt; andlt;flagandgt; andlt;meaningandgt;


PVP – Is PVP possible in this zone

Use – Using mechanisms, doors

Chest – CCCESS – Using chests

Water – Flow – Lava spreading

Lava – Flow – Water spreading

Lighter – Hiring a lighter


Deny – Disconnected

None – The same flag as not in the private zone

Allow – included

Team – /Region Info andlt;regionandgt; – displays a list of overs and memburs of the specified region, and some more information.

You can always find out whether the cube belongs to the region by sticking with the right button with a regular stick (stick).

You will get out:

andquot;Can you Build? No. Or Yes.andquot;


Some use rules:

  1. Allocate.
  2. Do not allocate the region from the sky to the bottom of the world.
  3. Call the regions to their nickname
  4. Do not try to capture the world. 🙂

Download plugin WorldGuard:

Other versions of the plugin.

1.7.10 Worldeditbukkit – 6.0.jar [1.5 mb]

1.8.9 \ 1.9.4 Worldeditbukkit – 6.1.2.jar [1.62 mb]

1.10.2 \ 1.eleven.2 \ 1.12.2: WorldDetbukkit – [1.65 mb]

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